MOR Marshmallow Bathing Elixir

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MOR Marshmallow Bathing Elixir is a relaxing bathing oil enriched with extracts of marshmallow, peach and mango to soften and soothe skin, and nourishing apricot and hazelnut oils to leave skin smooth and hydrated. The elixir features a sweet fragrance of vanilla musk, rose, and cotton candy.


MOR Marshmallow Bathing Elixir


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I wish I could give the Mor Marshmallow Bathing Elixir more than five stars. This is my husbands ‘safe’ product to buy me when he has no idea on a present for me because he knows how much I love it.  Everything from the packaging to the elixir itself is luxurious and the fragrance is so beautiful I can’t wait to hop in the bath with a glass of wine and relax. If you agitate the water quite well when the bath is running you get a good amount of bubbles, another great treat.  A little goes a long way and your skin feels soft and silky after. 10/10.
Absolutely delicious. I love the scent of this product. Very luxurious.the price point is very affordable and makes for a great treat when indulging in a bath. I would recommend for people with sensitive skin to check packaging carefully. This great product foams up nicely when added to water
I received MOR Marshmallow Bathing Elixir as part of a gift and couldn't wait to try out the bath Elixir as I have never tried one before! I'm usually more of a shower person but after opening the lid and smelling the most feminine and sweet scent I couldn't wait to try it. The black bottle is luxuriously elegant and looks even better on display. This elixir doesn't create any bubbles unless you agitate the water and even then they don't last long which was fine by me. The scent filled my whole bathroom and beyond and I was thoroughly relaxed. My skin felt moisturised and softened from the two oils (apricot and hazelnut) but not oily at all- they have used a perfect balance of both.  After drying off in my bathrobe (I highly recommend this to a normal towel as it always makes my skin that extra bit soft and hydrated after using the bathing elixir) my skin felt luxuriously soft and lightly scented. Overall this MOR elixir is a delight for the senses- pure bliss.  PROS Highly quality oils Beautiful bottle  Moisturised and softens Amazing fragrance CONS Expensive in comparison to other bath oils but worth every cent! I recommend this bath Elixir for anyone who enjoys luxurious baths that hydrate and lightly scent the skin and doesn't mind spending a little extra on their products!
The MOR Marshmallow Bathing Elixir encapsulates all that is luxurious- from the beautiful packaging of the bottle which is timeless and sophisticated- to the absolutely divine scent that escapes the bottle and is sure to indulge your senses, and quieten your mind.  The scent is perfectly balanced and feminine without being overly sweet or overpowering. The 500mL bottle is sure to help soothe your body and mind time and time again as only a little product is needed to be enjoyed and to leave your skin feeling soft and supple and lightly but beautifully scented. Pros- A perfect luxurious gift that any lovely lady would love to gift or be gifted. Everything about this product whispers luxury and induces feelings of indulgence. - A good sized 500mL bottle which is sure to last longer than you would think, as the product goes a long way. - The perfect way to unwind and relax and leaves your skin feeling beautifully moisturised and lightly scented. Tips- Enjoy with a glass of your favourite wine to really add to the pampering experience. - Shaving your legs after a 5 minute soak will be sure to give you the easiest, closest shave possible- leaving your pins soft, smooth and gorgeous.