MOR Marshmallow Body Cream

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MOR Marshmallow Body Cream is a silky body moisturiser enriched with rosehip, wheat germ, soybean and avocado oils to protect and heal the skin, leaving it soft, hydrated and nourished. It is scented with vanilla musk, jasmine flower, sugar dipped rose petals, white carnation and cotton candy.

Size: 250mL


MOR Marshmallow Body Cream


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The MOR Marshmallow is one of the most iconic fragrance invented in Australia in the history of beauty. It is unique, feminine but accessible. As its name suggests, it has a sweet top note, but with a floral and musky bottom note which is very rounded and complements the top note very well. I first discovered the MOR Marshmallow scent through this luxurious jar of body cream. I have dry skin - especially in winter. I go through bottles and jars and tubs of body lotion and cream and oil every year. This MOR Marshmallow cream is one of my favourites. It does not only smell fantastic, it is also very nourishing and has a practical benefit - it truly is more than just a pretty face! I found that it is easy to apply. The cream spreads around easily. It only takes minutes to absorb well into skin and then I am ready to get dressed and start the day (or off to bed to my marshmallow heaven). It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and moisturised until the next shower. The fragrance lingers for a good few hours without being overpowering. I can't say there's anything more that I would ask for in a body cream. It is pricey, but it gives me many applications as I do not need a lot at all. That said, once I opened a new jar I simply can't resist reaching for it. MOR Marshmallow body cream is always the first to finish amongst all my other body moisturisers!
This is such a thick luxuriant cream I put on too much on the first application, it went a very long way and took a long time to disappear into my skin. I now know how much to use to get the most out of it. I would think that it will last a long time because it is a large jar. In my quest to buy all things Mor Marshmallow, I think this will be the last layering product I will buy.. I put it on before bed and can smell the beautiful musky fragrance as I fall asleep, it is not so strong that it keeps you awake- something I have found with other body creams, instead of lulling you to sleep they keep your senses awake. I have not had the product long enough to tell if it makes a difference to my skin long term, but will continue using it as the smell is intoxicating. It make your skin silky soft after application.
Every time I use this product people compliment me on how good it smells! I just want to eat it! but in all honesty, it leaves my skin feeling luxuriously polished and velvety, it has quite a thin texture and a little actually goes quite far so a tub lasts a while. I find most of MOR products to be really feminine and sumptuous and this product is no exception. I also love the packaging which makes for an impressive gift!
This is a truly luxe body cream. I received this as a gift as family and friends know how much I adore this range, especially for the scent which smells like musk sticks, marshmallows and cotton candy. This body cream is so luxurious, it is silky smooth and leaves skin so nourished, hydrated and super soft. this smells so divine and feels like a real treat so makes an ideal gift, love, love this and highly recommend it
This is one of the most indulgent body creams I have ever used! Winter causes huge damage to my skin, we all get a bit lazy in the colder months- coming into spring I used this and my skin instantly felt & looked 5 times more hydrated. And the smell is BEAUTIFUL!  100% recommend!