MOR Marshmallow Body Oil

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MOR Marshmallow Body Oil is a nourishing body oil enriched with rosehip, wheat germ, grape seed, avocado oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E to hydrate and soften skin, leaving it healed, protected and radiant.

Size: 100mL


MOR Marshmallow Body Oil


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MOR Marshmallow Body Oil is packaged in a glass bottle with a push down spray top. I love the scent but I find it really hard to rub the oil into my skin without greasing the bottle up as I repeat the process. If I am going to use oil I like to be evenly covered and not just an overall hit and miss spritz. I find that it sprays onto the floor so I spray it into my hand and then apply it.  The scent is amazing so it is worth the effort and the oil absorbs pretty quickly and doesn't leave you too greasy. 
I absolutely adore this mor body oil, its truly divine. I received this as a gift, my family knows I love the mor marshmallow scent, it smells like cotton candy, marshmallow and burnt sugar. really yummy, I have several products in this scent. this body oil is really high quality and leaves my skin super soft and nourished. The handy spray means no mess and I simply rub the oil in. The packaging is divine and the bottle itself so pretty so this makes a gorgeous gift, even the pretty box looks lovely on my dresser. The addition of oils and vitamin e work to hydrate and protect skin and this looks and feels like a luxe high end product. I adore it and highly recommend it
Marshmallow is one of my all time favourite fragrances because it is so feminine and sophisticated, so I love how this product combines two of my favourites - gorgeous fragrance and skin hydrating body oil.  I use this as a body moisturiser and spritz it all over my body, which leaves my skin beautifully scented and lightly hydrated.  I also use it like a perfume to top up during the day.
Favorite body oil on top of my list. So far I've used about 3 bottle of this product since I bought it the first time a couple of years ago.  Absolutely love the packaging of Mor which is so classic and chic. The glass bottle with the emblem, soft sweet pink packaging and gold cover and font print give it a nice touch of luxury feel.  A great product to be given as a gift too. The product itself smells like Spring it's in the Air with a very strong Rose scent which might be too overpowdering for some people but it's fine for me. I love to spray it on after shower to get the best bits of it. Either by spraying direct on my skin or spray some on my palm before spreading it around.  It leaves my skin stay soft and hydrated throughout the day with all the additional oils and vitamin E.  - What are the pros? Are there any cons? - Who would you recommend use this product?