MOR Marshmallow Eau de Parfum

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MOR Marshmallow Eau de Parfum is a sweet, floral fragrance with notes of rose petals, pink musk, cotton candy, jasmine flower, and white carnation.

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MOR Marshmallow Eau de Parfum


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I’ve always found it a challenge to find perfumes that are noticeable on my skin and that also have good longevity. Many perfumes turn into a generic faint scent on my skin. Now that I’m older, I’m finding it harder to find suitable perfumes. I was surprised by how well Marshmallow Eau de Parfum lasted throughout the day. After I had sprayed Marshmallow Eau de Parfum on my skin, I could smell the cotton candy, but it was not too sweet. Eventually the perfume settled into a warm and musky scent. There were many days that I loved to wear the perfume, but there were other days when I found it to be a bit much. A few people said that they did not like the perfume, and one person said that it made her feel nauseous. Perhaps there were some days when I had sprayed too much of the perfume on my skin. 
I have this both in the 100ml spray and the roller ball and I love it so much.  It's a really unique, sweet but not juvenile scent and I am always asked "what are you wearing" when I am wearing this scent.  It's a lovely fragrance, warm and sweet with notes of sugar, vanilla and rose and it's delightful in any season, which is rare for a fragrance!  Suitable for any age too, younger or older would find it appealing.
I just adore and love mor marshmallow eau du perfume. Wearing this will insure lots of compliments and people commenting on how lovely you smell. Who doesn't like that? The marshmallow perfume is very feminine, gentle and sweet but not overpowering . In this unique fragrance there is jasmine incased with a soft musk mixed in with vanilla. The fragrance is soft and not offensive while lingering gently on the skin. One to two sprays is enough because while it is soft it can be quite strong and long lasting. At the end of the day im left with a slight sweet lingering fragrance. The perfume comes in a gold and pink stunning square bottle that looks elegant and softisicated. I really love this perfume because its unique and very feminine. Just love it.
My favourite warm weather perfume.  A subtle sweet smell with a bit of musk that lasts really well.  The packaging is nice and the bottle easy to hold - you can grab and spray with one hand!  Its a really fun perfume perfectly matched to the Aussie summer and for perking you up a bit on work days.  The MOR Rose is also well worth a try...
MOR is such a feminine and luxurious brand and they have some of the most wonderful smelling products all wrapped up in beautiful packaging. MOR Marshmallow Eau de Parfum is divine. The scent is sweet and musky (but not too sickly sweet) and pretty and yes it does smell  like marshmallows. The bottle itself is simple and elegant. I love wearing this perfume everyday and always get complimented on the unusual and pretty scent I'm wearing. Someone even thought I was eating lollies. I would spray it on in the morning and the smell would last all day. I usually respray in the evening if I'm going out later and want a stronger scent. Since first using this perfume many years ago I have tried other perfumes as I like to experiment with different scents but I always come back to this one. It is like your favourite piece of clothing, it fits you well and you are comfortable wearing it everyday and can't bear to throw it out. This perfume is girly and fun and you can wear it anywhere and anytime, out to a cafe with friends or to work. It's delicate and not overpowering at all. You can even spray a bit onto your pillow so you can smell it as you drift off to sleep. If you don't like sweet musky perfumes then this scent is not for you as you would likely hate it. I would recommend MOR Marshmallow Eau de Parfum to people who might like sweet musky perfumes.
I was given this beautiful perfume as a gift.  It is so pretty and smells divine, very luxurious.  It still smells lovely on my skin all day without needing to reapply.  When I first began wearing it I received many compliments from my friends, all wanting to know what perfume it was.
This is my current favourite smell. I won a sample of the body butter and I haven't looked back. I have purchased several Mor Marshmallow fragrances in different forms including a room spray as I can't get enough. The perfume bottle is easy to use and fits in your hand comfortably unlike some perfumes where the bottle is so extravagant that it is hard to hold. It has a floral, musky type of fragrance- though I would call it more musk-stick.(lolly)  I can understand if some people think it is a bit sickly sweet. It is an unusual smell, but pleasant. Unlike other reviews here, I do not find it lasts as long as I would like and find myself topping up throughout the day. But I still give it 5 stars
This perfume is so feminine and the bottle is divine. It smells sweet and floral, a bit musky and is a bit like delicious marshmallows. I always feel pretty wearing it and its become a firm favourite. I love gorgeous scent and this one does not disappoint. I love it
This is such a beautiful, feminine scent & I really enjoy using it.  I have a sizeable fragrance wardrobe, but find myself reaching for Marshmallow most days at the moment - it really is ideal for the warmer weather. The bottle is an artwork in itself & really suits what's inside. The scent is sweet, musky, and yes, a bit like a marshmallow - but not in a too sweet or sickly way. I adore most rose dominant florals, as long as, like Marshmallow, they smell modern and fresh. It's actually quite sophisticated & ideal for women of all ages who are looking for something different in their fragrance wardrobes. It also has excellent staying power - I can apply this and definitely notice it's still smelling great hours later. Silage is moderate - being an EDP that's what I'd expect, and I don't apply too much at any single time.  It is the sort of scent that shouldn't be over-sprayed as it may come on a bit too strong. I highly recommend trying Marshmallow if you're a fan of rose based scents - it's perfume perfection.
This is the only perfume range i wear now , its a soft floral sweet but not overpowering sent that lasts and the different products layer beautifully. always get comments about this perfume . Amazing new products now include diffuses & room sprays .. LUV IT !!!!
The MOR Marshmallow fragrance was my first ever purchase from the MOR range. I don't usually blind buy but the elegant pink floral packaging with the beautiful gold lettering and interesting combination of rose, jasmine and musk was too irresistable to me. I just HAD to try this. And at such an amazingly affordable price, it wasn't a huge loss if I didn't like it. The perfume comes in a beautifully designed ,yet simple, french glass bottle. Once sprayed, you are surrounded by a very warm, sweet and feminine sugary rose scent. I wasn't sure I even liked it at all initially-it was so unique and unlike anything else Id ever used . It didn't take long till I was hooked on this unusual, near Turkish Delight smelling scent. I mostly used it to spray my bedding each night as I found the scent so comforting, warm and pretty. Would basically be suited for use at any place or time though which is another thing that's so great about it, Pros Sugary, sweet and one-of-a-kind floral Very long lasting A little goes a long way Beautiful packaging (I cant even throw away the box! Sits on my shelf behind the perfume). Cons Definitely not a fragrance for anyone who isn't a fan of very sweet or musky scents. Id recommend this for anyone looking for a unique musky sweet floral that is very feminine and long lasting.
My all time favorite scent ! I have been addicted to this scent from the first spritz ! I was drawn to at first because of the name "Marshmallow" (so curious what it would smell like ?!!) , well it is deliciously unusual ! It is a scent that can be worn any is perfect for daily life (gym / work / lunch with ladies) & equally fabulous for a big night out ! Not overpriced , perfect for any budget - definitely recommend this one if you are looking for something a little unusual but not overpowering.