MOR Marshmallow Fragrant Tea Cup Candle

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MOR Marshmallow Fragrant Tea Cup Candle is a hand poured soy wax candle housed in a teacup. The candle is scented of vanilla musk, jasmine flower, rose, white carnation and cotton candy to create a soft sweet scent that burns for up to 22 hours.

Size: 165g


MOR Marshmallow Fragrant Tea Cup Candle


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This MOR marshmallow candle is great to present as a gift or to keep to yourself. I love how the candle reminds me the familiar MOR marshmallow scent filled with sweetness and sugar. It is a medium strength candle which fills my room with a pleasant sugary sweetness. The strength throw is pretty good and the scent lingers long after I've stopped burning the candle!  Ofcourse this candle comes in a pretty cupand saucer which makes it lovely to use and just to have in a room. 
I'm a huge fan of candles and have purchased so many different kinds throughout my life but none of them have been cuter than this cup and saucer candle I found while I was out shopping.  I have purchased MOR hand creams as well as their other scented candles but I had never seen this before and it was just too cute to pass up.  I find candles to be therapeutic and relaxing so not only was I buying it because it was aesthetically pleasing but I light candles regularly to add some warmth and cosiness to the house.  The fragrance from the candle also helps relieve my anxiety which is always helpful if I'm very stressed and have a lot on my mind.  The packaging of the candle is beautiful.  It comes in a square box with the signature pink colour and gold lining and on the top there was a beautiful floral pattern and a bow which made it look really luxurious and expensive.  MOR is known for their marshmallow scent and despite it being marshmallow it's actually not as overly sweet as you would expect.  It does have the underlying vanilla scent which I love along with cotton candy (which brings back wonderful memories of my childhood) but the majority of the notes that I get are floral scents like rose and jasmine but it it's overwhelming so if you are not a huge fan of floral scents it would still be palatable. The cup itself which houses the candle is a beautiful pink colour with gold trim around the edges and handle.  The plate is also a striped pattern of pink and gold and it looks so elegant.  The candle was so beautiful I kept myself from lighting it for awhile because I enjoyed the look of it so much.  I did eventually light the candle and it was even more beautiful, especially in the evening.  I would leave it on my living room table and it would add such a nice touch to the room.  I really love my candles to be fragrant and I was really happy with the strength of the smell.  Not too light yet not too strong, it was just right.  It filled up the whole room with it's sweet and floral scent and it instantly calmed me down.  The candle had a total burning time of 22 hours but I have used it off and on for over a month and a half and it's managed to still have about a third left.  My only gripe is that it is quite expensive for a candle so it's not something I would purchase often but as a gift or a one time thing it is definitely suitable.  It's very unique, feminine and a fun way to decorate your house with candles.   Benefits: -Wonderful scent -The scent fills the room without being overwhelming  -Beautiful design  -You can keep the cup and saucer for later use -Lasts for up to 22 hours -Makes a great gift 
I love the mor marshmallow fragrance and this was so pretty I bought it for my mum for christmas. She absolutely loves it, the pretty teacup is an unusual touch for a candle and makes a unique gift, the sweet scent lasts for hours even after burning. such a pretty gift and not something you would probably usually buy for yourself. It does have a sweet lolly smell but its floral and pretty also, truly delicious
The MOR Marshmallow Fragrant Tea Cup Candle has to be the cutest and stylish candle going around.  It is truly a must for anyone's collection. It's fragrance is so lush and delicious and it really creates the perfect ambiance to a room. The only setback is that they didn't produce more different style tea cups with different fragrances. If you are considering purchasing any candle this year or you want the perfect Xmas present, you can't go past this gorgeous tea cup candle.