MOR Marshmallow Lip Balm

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MOR Marshmallow Lip Balm is a moisturising lip balm enriched with coconut and jojoba seed oils to nourish the lips, and castor seed oil, vitamin E, honey and beeswax to heal and hydrate. The balm adds shine to the lips.

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MOR Marshmallow Lip Balm


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The balm is really good. It's light on the lips and moisturizes them and gives a nice natural pink to them if I use it at night before sleeping. But Mann, is the packaging awful. I'm struggling to open the lid half the time.. Really would've expected better and more practical packaging.
So i bought this lip balm on impulse as i love the more range. I was really dissapointed, it was packed so pretty but smells nothing like the signature marshmallow scent. The scent of this lipbalm reminds me of a cheap strawberry waxy smelling lip balm. After that i thought it might still be good to use and i put it in my handbag. Well now its in the trash, the taste is a waxy chemical type of taste. I couldnt keep it on my lips as i could just keep tasting it, so i had to wipe it off. Other than those 2 problems the lip balm did feel nice and oily, its such a shame though as i cannot use and i spent alot on it considering other nicer lipbalms are cheaper.
I recently received this lip balm as part of a gift with purchase and was a little disappointed overall.  The packaging is a pocket size small round gold tin and the decorations adorning it are feminine, beautiful and stunning to look at. I would be tempted to repurchase this product on the packaging alone! Upon first application it definitely hydrated my lips and they felt moisturiser for most of the day. It definitely delivers on The quality of the product. It feels soft, moisturising and leaves a little glossy shine on your lips after each use. The fragrance is where I was surprised as it does not resemble the 'Marshmallow' scent at all and left me quite disappointed. I'd like to see them bring out a lip balm with the trademark marshmallow scent and I would wear it everyday! Overall a gorgeous little pot of hydration but don't expect it to smell like the "marshmallow" scent you are used to otherwise you may be left disappointed. Perfect for anyone wanting a hydrating lip balm that finishes with a glossy shine and is packaged to perfection.  Pros -Exquisite packaging in gold tin -generous size to last a long time -can fit in a small purse/bag -durable tin, strong lid that won't pop off easily -balance of hydration and shine for your lips -quality ingredients Cons - expensive  - scent is very weak and not sweet at all
This was a gift as my friends and family know how much I love the Mor marshmallow line, I have several of their products all in this same scent. This lip balm feels luxurious and the packaging looks so pretty. It smells delicious and works to soften and moisturise dry lips beautifully. This is one of the nicest lip balms I have used and it leaves a lovely sheen. Lovely to keep in my handbag to reapply as it always looks pretty. such a beautiful product for feeling girly and feminine
This little lip balm is so nice! It smells delicious, the packaging is super cute and it feels really luxurious to apply. It really does help to soften and soothe dry lips with a pretty glossy finish and a little wash of pink. Everything you need in a lip balm!