MOR Marshmallow Mini Reed Diffuser

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MOR Marshmallow Mini Reed Diffuser is an oil-based reed diffuser scented with vanilla musk, jasmine, rose, white carnation and cotton candy to create a soft and sweet fragrance that fills a room.

Size: 80mL


MOR Marshmallow Mini Reed Diffuser


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Gosh, I love anything marshmallow scented and MOR are famous for that! I have their hand cream and I just love it. The reed diffuser is so luxe looking with it's black glass packaging, black reeds and cute pink tassel. The scent is just divine and so sweet and delicious. I have this diffuser in our living room and it fills our whole downstairs with the delightful marshmallow scent and surprisingly isn't so overwhelming - which I don't particularly like.  It's a great size for me and I switch the reeds over when I feel the scent isn't coming through. I've had it for 2 months and it's still got heaps of fragrance left. Great price point as well.
I love the mor brand and the marshmallow reed diffuser doesn't disappoint!  It has a delicious scent, the packaging is gorgeous (the design goes in any room), the scent isn't overpowering and i'm always getting compliments on the smell of my house - which is exactly what you want! Love love love!
This is my favourite mor fragrance, the sweet marshmallow fragrance does smell like lollies, its also beautifully floral so not too sickly, I have the full size reed diffuser in this fragrance in my bathroom and loved it so much I bought the mini which is perfect for my dressing table to give my bedroom a sweet, girly fragrance that lasts really well, This is a great price for a lasting scent that is so romantic and special
I love that MOR makes their famous Marshmallow scent in a Mini Reed diffuser as I find it's perfect for my children's bedroom, ensuite and laundry.  The smaller diffuser means that it sits nicely on a narrow window or shelf.   I have been buying MOR lip glosses, soaps, candles and recently the reed diffusers for over 10 years. I love how opulent and gorgeous their packaging is with beautifully designed products that smell heavenly.  Marshmallow has been a popular scent of the MOR products I own and I have two of these gorgeous mini reed diffusers in my baby and toddlers bedroom.  The gorgeous black and gold  diffuser looks cute high on a window ledge.  Packaged in the gorgeous box are 5 black rattan reeds and the diffuser. The oil is already inside the canister so you screw the tight seal and pop the reeds in.   I find the smell really light and fresh, it's a mix of vanilla and sweet rose. It's not too sickly or sweet and the air always smells heavenly. I turn the reeds every Monday in both rooms.  The mini reed bottle has lasted me over a year, and I think it's because the canister is black and not see through. It's value for money at $30 for a years worth of gorgeous designer scent.  The scent not only works well in a girls room but also my son's room. It masks those horrible nappy explosion smells!  I have purchased the mini reed for a gift as it makes the perfect gift when you don't know who to buy for. I also love that MOR doesn't test on animals!  I hope they continue to make more mini scents as it's a cute canister that doesn't look out of place in a room.