MOR Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub

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Indulge in decadence with this Marshmallow enriched beauty. Perfected with Peach, Ginger Root and Avocado oils and blended with conditioning Apricot, Mango and Chamomile extracts this exfoliating Sugar Crystal Body Scrub gently polishes and moisturises to unveil skin that’s smooth, soft and sweetly scented.


MOR Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub


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I have received the MOR Sugar Crystal Body Scrub in Marshmallow as Christmas gift and I was so excited to try it as I have heard so much good feedback. The packaging is super cute to be on display in my bathroom. The small particles in the scrub is gentle on skin but enough to exfoliate the dead skin and residues. My skin is noticeably smoother after use. And the scent is so nice which stays on my body throughout the night which I love.
I received this scrub as a gift and as its not something I would generally buy for myself it was very much appreciated. It has a lovely sweet fragrance and is gorgoeus to use, the granules are fine and are great for rough skin areas like elbows to keep skin soft and supple, my skin feels so smooth after using it, its great for legs and feet when having an indulgent bath and is easy to scoop out and rub in. A great once a week treat.
I liked this scrub a lot because it was super granulated due to the sugar and combined with a little body oil which ensures your skin feels silky smooth post use. The smell is quite sweet, but I found it didn't last long after the shower. My main downside for this product is its tub format. In the shower when you are scooping some out to use inevitably water gets in and dilutes the scrub. But despite that, its a beautiful product to use and I'd certainly recommend it!
This is my favourite scrub.  The packaging is so feminine and fancy looking, the smell is divine and the texture really hits the spot if you love an extra scrubby scrub.  This isn't a gentle daily scrub, but rather more of a once a week treatment.  I like to scrub from my neck to the soles of my feet and then slather on the moisturiser for baby soft skin.
This is a beautiful treat to use in the shower as an all over body scrub. It's a very large size tub, so it lasts me a long time and is worth the price. You simply scoop out some of the sugar scrub and gently massage it onto your body, focusing on the rough spots like elbows, arms and knees. It is a bit liquidy and oily, so be careful when taking it out and it's a screw top jar, so that requires holding it with both hands to open and close. Once you get used to this, then it's easy to use this beautifully scented sugar scrub. The tiny sugar granules work to smooth out any hard and dried skin and the scrub has the famous MOR Marshmallow scent.  I can see the sugar in the scrub and they are lightly abrasive and gently exfoliate my rough areas to soften and make my skin replenished and supple and incredibly smooth. Pros: Smells sweet, easy to use and isn't harsh on my skin Cons: Can be a bit fiddly to scoop out of the big tub until you get used to it Hint: Take some out and put into a smaller jar or tub so that you don't have this big jar inside your shower. Rinse the shower well after use to avoid making the base slippery. Apply a good body lotion afterwards to ensure your skin is kept in top condition. I recommend this sugar scrub for anyone who wants to use a sugar based gently scented scrub that works.