MOR Mon Amie Fragrance Mist in Gigi

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MOR Mon Amie Fragrance Mist in Gigi is a refreshing fragrance mist with notes of fresh fig, cedar wood and red berries in a compact bottle, perfect for your handbag.


MOR Mon Amie Fragrance Mist in Gigi


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MOR fragrance mists are super affordable and smell irresistibly delicious! This one is one of my favourites because of the notes of fresh fig, red berries and cedar wood - after a quick touch up spritz I always feel fresh, sweet and warm, and have gotten heaps of compliments on this! If you want to smell great, pick this little gal up - you don't always need to splurge on expensive perfumes. Although this mist doesn't last very long, the price is so reasonable that you won't even feel bad about touching up frequently. If you work in an office or attend school, it'll be a great addition to your bag and the scent is nice and subtle, so you won't be overwhelming anyone. I like to do a quick spray on my hair and wrist to feel fresh for the whole day. It's also perfect for romantic date nights or even a night-in if you want to spoil yourself with a little extra luxury! Pros:  - Delicious fruity and warm scent - Affordable - Travel friendly Cons: - Scent fades after a few hours