MOR Mon Amie Fragrance Mist in Monique

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MOR Mon Amie Fragrance Mist in Monique is a refreshing fragrance mist with notes of guava, green apple, sandalwood and musk. The formula is water based to lock in moisture and be gentle on the skin.


MOR Mon Amie Fragrance Mist in Monique


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I am ready for Summer I love the packaging of this fragrance. A cute purse sized 50ml Plastic bottle . It is perfect for carrying around in my handbag as it quite compact and I don't have to worry about the bottle breaking in my handbag. It has a spray mechanism that dispenses the fragrance in a beautiful fine mist. The Gold design on the bottle looks cute too. By just looking at the design and packaging I judged that this perfume would be a luxury to use. The packaging reminds me of Paris, the City Of Love. The scent is fruity and tangy. I can definitely sense a touch of  pungent guava. The scent reminds me off yummy  mock-tails and smells like a lovely summer fruit punch. I find the scent quite long lasting. It is not overpowering and it is subtle as it settles. A Tip: I love spraying this fragrance on my body as I find the perfume lingers throughout the whole day when it is on my body rather than on my clothes.  I spray it on my on my neck and decolletage area so as to get whiffs of this scent through out the day. I love the fact that this spray is alcohol free  so it can be used on your body without drying out your skin. It is suited for summer and love having it handy in my purse , especially if I just want to freshen up after sweating in summer for a lunch date. This is suitable for day time use .