MOR Mon Amie Fragrance Mist in Rosalie

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MOR Mon Amie Fragrance Mist in Rosalie is a refreshing, water-based fragrance mist with notes of Damask rose, magnolia, white musk and amber in a compact bottle, perfect for your handbag.


MOR Mon Amie Fragrance Mist in Rosalie


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I love using a fragrance mist during Summer, and this one by MOR  has been my go-to scent. It has a lovely and light rose scent that isn't overwhelming or musky. The spray dispenser is nice and even and it sits well on the skin.  The scent isn't particularly long-wearing ( I re-apply ever few hours), but I like that as it is less likely to react negatively with the heat and your own body temperature. However, if you want to increase the scent and wear time, this mist layers well with the products in the same scent range from MOR.  The gold and cream packaging is cute, and it's a great size for chucking in your handbag for touch ups during the day. A+
MOR is a fantastic brand, with such beautiful floral scents. I love this fragrance mist as it has a beautiful scent, and the bottle is the perfect size to fit in your handbag.
If you love the brand MOR, then you'll love this fragrance mist. Just one spray is all you need, step into the area you sprayed into and immediately you will feel a nice refreshing cold breeze. Because of its size it is very handy to just throw in your bag and carry around and use when you just need to stop and smell the roses or are having a bad day, it will definitely put a smile on your face straight away. The fragrance does not disappoint either, imagine musk mixed with a bed of roses. So enjoy this fragrance mist and spread the happiness.