MOR Mon Amie Luminous Body Milk in Monique

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MOR Mon Amie Luminous Body Milk in Monique is a nourishing body cream enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil and almond milk to leave skin feeling smooth and luminous. It features a guava, green apple, sandalwood and musk fragrance.


MOR Mon Amie Luminous Body Milk in Monique


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Beautiful packaging very French looking. Nice travel size so would fit nicely in handbag or makeup bag no worries! Has a very subtle sweet girly scent to it. Not very strong so those who like subtle sweet scents then this could very well be for you. I apply daily to the neck area. Scent isn't long lasting
I love all MOR products that I have tried so far, but I am OBSESSED with the Mon Amie Luminous Body Milk! I received the Monique fragrance in my recent Marie Clare Parcel and I have been using it daily. Firstly, the packaging is gorgeous - it comes in a purse-size spray bottle with a modern french chic design, so thumbs up for both design and functionality. The body milk itself is a super light consistency, which is why I think having a spray applicator is perfect as it doesn't leak or spill anywhere, and instead feels really refreshing when you spray it on your skin. I use it all over my body by spraying and then rubbing it in and you don't need to use too much considering it spreads really easily. It  not only absorbs super quickly but it leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth and hydrated I love it. I was worried by the description of it being "luminous" that it would be really shimmery, however instead it provides a natural looking glow/shine so if you're like me and dislike really shimmery body moisturisers you won't be disappointed with this one :)   Lastly, the smell... it is amazing! The product description for Monique says it's a mix of fruity (apple & guava) and woody notes (sandalwood and musk). For me the predominant smells are the sandalwood and shea butter with some fruity undertones, but they are balanced really well so I think most people would like this scent , especially because it is not overbearing in the slightest. Overall I LOVE this body milk and will definitely be repurchasing - I can't wait to try out the other fragrances. I'm also going to be buying these as gifts for my friends for Xmas I know they will love them too!  Pros - Packaging has a gorgeous design and the spray applicator is really practical. Plus it is an excellent size for travel or keeping in your handbag - The body milk has a really light consistency so it spreads and absorbs really easily - Has made my skin feel super moisterised, nourished and soft - Leaves skin looking radiant with a natural glow that isn't too shimmery  - The Monique fragrance is amazing CONS - NONE it is perfect :)