MOR Rosa Noir Eau De Parfum

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MOR Rosa Noir Eau De Parfum is a seductive floral fragrance enriched with top notes of freesia, ivy leaves and petitgrain, heart notes of rose, carnation and lily of the valley, and base notes of sandalwood, musk and tonka bean.


MOR Rosa Noir Eau De Parfum


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I have a few perfumes from MOR but Rosa Noir would have to be my absolute favourite. Everything from the packaging to the scent to the staying power, it’s all wonderful! This perfume comes in a huge 100ml glass bottle in a very regal looking dark purple colour. The gold writing on the bottle has a very Art Deco feel which is completed by the addition of a cute little tassel around the lid. The presentation is on point and great for giving as a gift or just looks great out on display on your dresser. The scent of this perfume is so beautiful. It isn’t a ‘true rose’ scent but is a heady mix of sweet and floral which isn’t overpowering but not too subtle either – somewhere in between. The notes in the description say that there's carnation, lily of the valley, sandalwood, musk and tonka bean in addition to the rose scent. I can’t pick up much of the sandalwood (thankfully as I’m not a fan!) but to me it’s almost as if there’s a berry/wine scent in the mix which is a perfect match for the rose undertones. I especially love that it’s sweet without being sickly. The lasting power of this perfume is quite good. It lasts most of the day (around 6-8 hours for me). I quite often get complements when I wear this which is always a plus! I also love that this scent is quite different to anything else I own or have tried in store which makes it quite unique. I highly recommend giving this perfume a try if you’re wanting something a little bit different. 
I'm not a perfume person. As much as I love to smell nice (and things that smell nice in general), I find most fragrances smell very harsh,chemical like and generally give me a headache. I've always been a fan of the Mor range however, as they have such unique and pretty scents .Rose and me don't really get along in general but I had tried the Mor hand cream before and quite liked it so I figured this would be very similar scented. The packaging is absolutely beautiful; a rich plum colored glass bottle with elegant gold lettering. The fragrance itself was identical to the Rosa Noir hand cream- a lovely,feminine blend of rose,musk and sandalwood. It is a very soft,warm scent that isn't harsh or overwhelming in the slightest. The silage is about 4 to 5 hours which isn't too bad. Personally I enjoy reapplying it anyway as I find the scent quite calming. A beautiful unique scent that is very well priced and the bottle looks so pretty on the shelf. Cant fault it to be honest. Pros Well priced Unique and feminine scent Not overwhelming or chemical/alcohol smelling Bottle is beautiful Australian Cons Not as long lasting as some might prefer,needs to be reapplied I'd recommend this to anyone who likes a unique musky rose scent that is subtle and warm.
MOR Rosa Noir is one of my favourite fragrances in their collection so I was looking forward to trying their EDP.  The bottle is a deep velvet red colour with gold lettering- it is pleasing on the eye and very feminine.  The scent itself is a beautiful combination of freshly picked roses, carnations and musk. It is not as strong as I anticipated for an EDP but definitely not as subtle as a mist. The fragrance will need to be topped up after a few hours if worn alone however I find when I layer it with the Rosa NOIR body milk it lasts twice as long. If it is a fragrance you intend on wearing frequently I recommend layering it with at least one other body product from the Rosa Noir Range to amplify the scent and help it last longer.  Upon first application the fragrant notes are present top to bottom and sustain their scent for a few hours (worn alone) I would wear this scent all year round day or night as I find it to be a very versatile fragrance that would be perfect for any occasion- casual or formal.  Overall it smells wonderful and the bottle is very beautiful on display. I would recommend this to anyone seeking a new fragrance for themselves, lovers of rose scents or looking for a special gift for someone. PROS -unique scent -beautiful bottle -affordable -versatility of wear -belongs to a MOR range so can be layered CONS -worn alone won't last that long
I'm not usually a fan of any fragrance or perfume that contains the smell of roses. i find most of them too cloying and sickeningly too strong and it usually gives me a headache. I received MOR's Rosa Noir Eau De Parfum as a gift and I was pleasantly surprised with this perfume. I thought the scent was lovely and not too overpowering. The scent is very feminine, velvety and floral. It reminds me of walking through a rose garden and picking a pretty rose and inhaling the beautiful scent. The perfume comes in a pretty deep dark red glass bottle with gold lettering and lid. The bottle reminds me of old Hollywood glamour, where the woman would sit at her dresser doing her hair and makeup and then finishing off with a spray of perfume. The bottle is simple yet looks very elegant and classy and would look great on display in your bedroom/bathroom. This perfume is very easy to wear everyday, during the day or night. I love wearing it in Winter, especially when the weather is cold and the day dark and wet. I think it is the perfect perfume to make my day just a little bit brighter. I feel very feminine when I wear this perfume and people have complimented me on the lovely scent. PROS a great quality perfume the smell is lovely, it's deep and rich the scent isn't cloying or overwhelming looks/feels luxurious lovely packaging CONS the scent only lasts a few hours so you would need to re-apply I would recommend this perfume to anyone who loves the smell of roses. Or who wants a perfume that has a warm, floral, musky romantic scent that is very feminine. This perfume would also make a great gift.
This perfume comes in a dark rose plum coloured pretty spray bottle. The fragrance is a subtle rose which smells mild and yet lasts for a good few hours. The scent is perfect for all year round and suitable for all seasons. This scent isn't your typical rose scent, it seems to be a rose with a fruity berry scent which makes it fresh and quite unique. Pros: suitable for all ages Cons: lasts a couple of hours, so reapply when needed Tips: apply liberally and enjoy the pretty scent! Recommendation: This fragrance would suit anyone because it isn't strong but it lingers and smells very nice.