MOR Rosa Noir Hand & Nail Cream

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MOR Rosa Noir Hand & Nail Cream is a hydrating hand and nail moisturiser enriched with sweet almond, sesame and macadamia oils to nourish and soften hands and nails, leaving them rejuvenated and soothed.


MOR Rosa Noir Hand & Nail Cream


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MOR Rosa Noir Hand & Nail Cream is white in colour and has a medium consistency that hydrates without being greasy. The squeeze tube packaging is easy to use but the scent is too strong for me. It reminds me of a floral sandalwood mix and it makes me cough. I won’t be buying this fragrance again. 
This  cream reminds me of a good night sleep out in a warm, cosy rose garden somewhere. I always use this cream before bed and it smells divine! The packaging is beautiful and application is simple. Squeeze, rub hands together and soak up all that rose scented deliciousness! The cream itself is non greasy but heavy enough to really moisturise. My hands are always so soft in the mornings. I absolutely adore everything about this cream. The scent, the texture and the result. I find it very hard to fault. It's a permanent fixture in my vanity.
MOR is a favourite Australian brand of mine, I find they consistently produce great products at reasonable prices. They do have stand out products and for me, it is this deliciously scented hand cream. I received a 50mls size in a beauty box subscription, and one sniff had me using it immediately. What a truly divine scent this has - hard to describe, but I liken it to a rich, exotic flower that isn't too sweet or overpowering. There is a definite hint of rose in the aroma, but it's not too sweet,instead it has a distinct oriental edge. It's truly so luscious and beautifully scented. I find a little goes a long way, so my 50mls size tube lasted me through plenty of uses. The texture of the hand cream is ideal too. A medium thickness, it is white in colour, is nice and creamy, and it rubs in easily plus absorbs readily. Truly a delight to use, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling or oily residue either.  The combination of sesame, macadamia and almond oils is really hydrating and soothing. Combined with the delicious aroma, this cream is truly addictive and well worth the price.  It would make a terrific gift too.. This is a hand cream I'll be repurchasing, and I'm now keen to try every single product in the extensive Rosa Noir range. Very highly recommended.
My hand feels very moisturized and smooth after using the hand cream. It also smells very strong and nice rose scent. However, my nails do not seem too much of a different using this and it is a little bit expensive for just a hand cream.
Absorbs quickly and doesnt leave that terrible greasy feeling on my hands
This is one of my favourite hand creams. It sits on my desk and I use it every day. I love the smell (soft and feminine but not overwhelming) and it doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy like some hand creams do. You only need a small amount (maybe the size of an old one cent piece, if you remember those!) so a tube lasts quite a long time. I also love the packaging - it looks nice sitting on my desk surrounding by my travel souvenirs and knick knacks! Definitely recommend this cream.
Two stars may seem a little harsh for such a lush and sweet smelling product however, I find it to be terribly overpriced for hand cream that offers no anti-aging benefits or any extra oomph. It is nicely packed, nicely scented and lovely against the skin but I find it no more luxurious than any other hand cream, so I personally wouldn't repurchase it.