MOR Scented Home Library Fragrant Candle in Caramel and Vanilla Bean

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MOR Scented Home Library Fragrant Candle in Caramel and Vanilla Bean is a soy wax candle that features a scent with top notes of almond, anise and honey, middle notes of coconut, cream and sugarcane, and base notes of vanilla bean, caramel and tonka bean. The candle includes an 100 per cent cotton, lead-free wick and has a burning time of up to 60 hours.


MOR Scented Home Library Fragrant Candle in Caramel and Vanilla Bean


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This candle is what makes my house feel like a home. I have this one placed near my front door and the breeze carries it all the way through the house. It has a real long lasting fragrance to it and is sweet without being overly sickly. I find it instantly soothing and relaxing which is why I was adamant that I wanted this to be our homes signature scent. The price is a little on the high side but after buying a bunch of cheap ones its worth the money for me!
Set the mood scent your home and stimulate your senses! I received one of these beautiful candles as a gift from a friend when I was going through a really difficult time in my life. What an amazing and caring gift. Beautifully packaged, I could smell the aroma before I had the box open. Caramel and Vanilla is such a perfect smell, it invokes thoughts of happiness,comfort,delicious lollies and better days - Totally delicious. The actual candle scents the room without even lighting and the container is so attractive, elegant and classy. The price is reflected in the quality of the product. I love the feelings and emotion this candle bought me each time I lit it. I will be buying this candle for friends when they need a lift.
I absolutely adore this candle. A delicious fragrance that smells like caramel lollies. The fragrance was intense and lasts really well so its well worth the money. I wll always have one in my house from now on as I get tons of compliments when people come over
The smell and product is beautifully fragrant and top class.However,the price is way too high...they would sell a lot more if they were not so greedy with money.