MOR Sorbet Lip Macaron

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MOR Lip Macaron is a lip balm that leaves lips soft and supple with a hint of gloss. The formula contains shea butter and lanolin for superior moisture. Rosehip oil helps prevent premature ageing caused by sun damage; castor seed and jojoba seed oil will rejuvenate and hydrate lips; beeswax will heal and promote tissue regeneration; cocoa butter will soften the skin and help retain moisture; while coconut oil, papaya seed oil and vitamin E will soothe and nourish. The balm is encased in a brightly coloured, macaron inspired container embellished with a signature MOR design. It is available in nine flavours: Sorbet, Rosebud, Peach Nectar, Lychee Flower, Blood Orange, French Vanilla, Cassis Noir, Apples, and Passionflower.


MOR Sorbet Lip Macaron


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