MOR Marshmallow Grand Deluxe Soy Candle

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MOR Marshmallow Grand Deluxe Soy Candle is a floral soy wax candle infused with the scent of vanilla musk, jasmine, rose petals, white carnation and cotton candy. The candle features a burn time of up to 45 hours and has a 100 per cent cotton, lead-free wick.


MOR Marshmallow Grand Deluxe Soy Candle


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The MOR Marshmallow Grand Deluxe Soy Candle candle is such a beautiful addition to my home. It appears to give off a candied floral scent with musky seductive notes. When I have visitor's or family members at my home whilst entertaining I am always asked what is that beautiful aroma? This is a very unique sweet candle with a relaxed scent that is not to overpowering.  The packaging is absolutely beautiful which I have come to expect from the luxurious MOR line. It also makes the perfect gift and is sure to bring a happiness to the recipient you give it to. Make sure you cut the wick when needed to ensure longevity of your exquisite 
I absolutely adore the mor marshmallow range of products and will scoop up anything I can get my hands on. For those who have never smelt these products I highly recommend you do as they are so divine. It smells like vanilla, cotton candy, musk and sugar, so pretty. This candle is one of my favourite things. The elegant white glass holder is divine as is the pretty floral packaging it comes in, this makes a perfect gift. The candle contains three wicks and burns for ages so its great value for money as it seems to last forever. This product is so pretty, feminine and elegant and the quality of the was is really high so its well worth the money.  The wick is 100% cotton and lead free and the candle is soy, the scent is realaxing and I adore it. I see no negatives with this product and highly recommend it.
Ok so it’s a tad extravagant but MOR Marshmallow Grand Deluxe Soy Candle is divine! Presented in a white glass vessel the pink soy wax boasts 3 wicks to make any occasion elegant. With fragrance notes of vanilla musk, jasmine, rose petals, white carnation and cotton candy this luxe quality candle has amazing scent throw that will make your house smell amazing. It is a feminine fragrance but it is perfectly balanced so it shouldn’t get up your nose. The wax burns evenly so there is no wastage and if you keep your wicks trimmed it won’t produce smoke. It is heavenly! • Triple wick • Strong soft scent throw • 100% cotton lead-free wick • Soy Wax  • Burns up to 45 hours • Presented in a beautiful, elegant black hobnail vessel • Perfect for special occasions 
Sink your sight and smelling senses into this soft, sticky gooey relaxation moment where one can escape all else.  Mor  Marshmellow Grand Deluxe Soy candle is sweet and all the rage these days. The Soy candles. But this one is as named ~Grand Deluxe. I lUV this candle.  I sink into my seat after lighting knowing it’s a sweet, soft mood to relax in. Tad pricey for a candle but  is an extra nice one.