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Moroccanoil Hair Treatment is a moisturising hair oil formulated with antioxidant-rich argan oil to condition, detangle and nourish hair. Hair is left shiny, silky and smooth.


Moroccanoil Hair Treatment


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Game changer for damaged hair

I have quite dry, damaged, frizzy hair which is also very thick. It's about shoulder length at the moment which I'm trying to grow longer and is colour treated. I also use heat on my hair to straighten it every other day and because I go to the gym most days of the week I wash my hair most of those days too because my head gets really sweaty and itchy so my hair has become quite dry and damaged from over washing it. I was looking for something to help look after my hair and also hydrate it so I did some research and found this Moroccanoil Hair Treatment and went and bought it. I find the best way that this oil works in my very thick hair is if I apply it when my hair is damp and has just been combed. I use a 20 cent piece sized amount into my palm, rub my hands together and then run my hands through my hair. I do let some go through the root area and the front as my hair can handle that and doesn't get weighed down or look oil at all. I then either let my hair air dry or I'll dry it off with my hair dryer then straighten it. It leaves my hair ever so soft and manageable. Also my hair has never been shinier. I'm not going to say all the frizz is gone because it's not but I definitely have noticed a reduction in the amount of frizz I get compared to when I didn't use the oil at all. The oil itself is thick and is a light honey colour. It smells divine. I find that my hair absorbs this fast and it doesn't leave my hair greasy/oily. My hair looks nourished and healthy when I use this and I would highly recommend to anyone who has dry, frizzy, damaged or unruly hair.

Smells Amazing

I have frizzy, colour treated hair and need to use products like this to nourish and moisturise my hair. Without a doubt, the best feature of Moroccanoil products is their distinctive fragrance - as soon as you run this through your hair it smells wonderful, but unfortunately the smell doesn't last that long. I bought the version of this with a handy pump, and one or two pumps was enough for my thick, past the shoulder, hair. I found that there was still a fair bit of frizz left in my hair when using, however it felt strong and well-nourished and had a pleasant shine after use.

No dry hair

A must have. This product provides the much need moisture and nourishment my dry frizzy hair needs. I have a full hair of blonde highlights and I must use product in my hair for it to look decent. This oil it thick and has a nice scent. It is pricey, but only a little is needed, and thus this bottle lasts a long time, even with my waist-long hair. I use this daily by dispensing a tiny bit onto my palm and gently rubbing my palms together to warm it up. The result is that my hair doesn't took dry. Instead I get a nice shiny look.

Silky, soft hair

I have short hair that needs lots of volume so my hair doesn’t lay flat and I also have to be very careful of the products I use. Creams can weigh down my hair, whereas fine sprays are super for manageability. I also considered my hair to be dry with a will of its own – taming was a daily chore. I was always wary of trying an oil because I imagined it would leave my hair looking oily, until I used Moroccanoil Hair Treatment which has changed everything. This oil doesn’t make my hair feel at all greasy, but just totally nourished. After about six weeks my dry hair has been restored to soft, silky locks with a deep shine, and my fly-aways have been tamed. Healthy, shiny hair with bounce and volume is all I ask for. And, how amazing is that smell?

Repurchased many times

I have purchased this oil so many times. I have on various occasions tried another product but always found myself coming back to this. It’s light but still nourishing enough to keep the hair hydrated and it’s great for frizz. Would highly recommend if in the market for an overall hair oil. Love it!
My hair is thin, oily at the top and dry at the ends. I use this oil once I've washed my hair, and before I blowdry. I find it smooths my locks and reduces the frizz. You don't need much! I went overboard the first few times and it sat in my hair for ages. 
I have fine coloured hair and I think this stuff is over rated. It didn't work any miracles for me at all and overall I'm disappointed. You could get just as good a result with the olive oil in your kitchen. I felt that it was over priced for what it is and I wouldn't buy it again. I didn't even use it more than 3 times and it got lost in the back of my bathroom cupboard. It's a boo from me.
Even though the product itself is pretty amazing... my favourite part still is the fragrance. It smell like heaven. I just fell in love with it the moment I opened the bottle. I've been using this product for about a couple of months now, after receiving it as a competition gift from Beauty Heaven. Even though it's an oil, it doesn't feel even a lil bit greasy. Gets absorbed quickly and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. I was mesmerised from the very first application. Although felt little disappointed later to discover the fragrance and effect gone in less than 24 hours. Having said that, the regular usage has made a big difference for my hair texture. They are softer, bouncier and visibly healthier. Even though I wash my hair only twice a week, I like to apply Moroccanoil treatment daily... well, mainly for the fragrance and to tame the frizz after combing.
I am such a fan of Moroccan oil. I have thick, curly hair that is super prone to frizziness, dryness and all that fun stuff. Moroccan oil is not too heavy or too light and that smell!! Heavenly! I use it on both wet and dry hair, a little on the ends before styling and also after. I find it leaves my hair lovely and smooth. The kind of smoothness where you can run your fingers all the way through your hair without them getting tangled in the birds nest. I would highly recommend this to anyone after an effective frizz and dryness solution or even anyone who wants hair that smells like pure joy!!
I used this product religiously for a long period of time and thought that it was doing wonders for my hair. I had very 'fluffy' hair and it seemed to tame the fly-aways. However, I have recently switched to a sunflower oil. Since then, I noticed how much this product weighed my hair down. Whilst I loved it, I have since discovered better products that I would recommend over this considering the price.
I first started using the Moroccanoil Hair Treatment on recommendation from my hair dresser about a decade again, and have continued to love and buy it since. It's a great product that can be used in a variety of ways ( as a detangler, a heat protector, a leave in treatment, to add shine and to tame  fly aways), and it isn't too heavy for my short, fine hair. My preferred method is to use a tiny amount on the ends of my towel dried hair and then heat style it, and it definitely helps to protect and strengthen my hair. I also find that it works a treat on my daughters long, unruly hair- I add a a few drops to her hair (wet or dry) and it works wonders to detangle and condition it. It also smells beautiful! However, if i could change one thing about this product, it would be the packaging- the glass bottle isn't ideal when working with an oil and I would much prefer plastic. Other than that, I adore this product!
This product continues to be the saviour for my hair. After washing my hair, I apply around a 20 cent piece size to the ends of my hair. After blow-drying there are hardly any fly-aways and it feels super smooth and soft to the touch. I also notice a difference in the strength of my hair when using it and ultimately have less breakage when I brush it, and also notice that my hair is less likely to snap off when I tie my hair into a high ponytail or bun. No matter if I've been in airplanes for 20+ hours, I can always trust that this product will bring shininess, smoothness and hydration back to my ends.
I have genetically damaged hair, so I am always on the look out for products that can help improve the quality of my hair. A hairdressing friend put me onto to this a several months ago and I fell in love! I had never used anything like this on my hair prior to using this. The first thing I noticed was how far a little goes! You really don't need much to coat your hair with, which makes it excellent value for money.  I tend to use it as a treatment. So I'll coat my make in it, brush it through and either leave it in for several hours or over night. Then I'll wash my hair as normal and afterwards my hair is so much softer and just feels a lot more nourished and healthy. Other times I'll use it as a 'finishing cream' of sorts. It's a great way to tame all those baby hairs and take the frizz out your hair. Mines also wavy, so you can imagine the amount of frizz I have! Using this makes my hair feel a lot more sleek and together! 
The Moroccanoil Hair Treatment is the original and the best!  Moroccanoil was my first ever hair oil.  I discovered it more than 10 years ago. Before Moroccanoil I did not even know oil for hair existed! Having naturally dry hair as well as damaged from repeated colouring, I was so glad that I decided to jump onto the hair oil wagon, because I am now an oil convert. My Moroccanoil comes in a 100mL glass bottle with a pump. Not all packaging and sizes come with a pump (mine was a limited edition at the time).  I save the pump so that I can use it with all my future 100mL purchases. I can imagine the oil being messy and difficult to dispense without a pump though. The light yellow coloured oil is ultra-thick with a nice aroma which is both nutty and botanical. This oil is truly versatile and it can be used many different ways. First, it can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment to reduce damage and breakage during the wash; second, it can be used on wet or damp hair after shampoo; third, it can be used on dry hair to reduce frizz and enhance shine. My favourite way is to use it on freshly washed and damp hair. I concentrate working the oil into the ends of my hair and work my way upwards. I found that the oil is easy to be distributed on damp hair; it absorbs quickly and it also magically makes my hair dry quicker! Whenever I use Moroccanoil, it is not necessary for me to blow dry or straighten my hair, because it naturally dries straight and frizz-free. My hair feels silky, smooth and manageable from roots to ends. Occasionally I like to use a little bit extra when my hair is dried, just to add more shine to my hair. However, I have to be very careful as the oil feels "heavier" on dry hair, and it is easy to go overboard with an excessive amount. Upon long term use, my hair feels healthier and stronger. I experience less breakage in my hair. Many of the copycats in the market are a "watered down" version of this Moroccanoil, and they are just not the same. Time and time again I come back to Moroccanoil and it is still my number one choice for hair treatment.
This product has achieved cult status,  and for good reason!  This product has a very thick, easy to use consistency and smells absolutely divine. I have thick, wavy hair that is prone to unmanageable frizz and can become dull if it doesn't feel some love in a short period of time. This product has quite often been my cure all.  I prefer to use this product when my hair is still a little damp, as I find I can easily use too much product when my hair is dry, and I also feel that I am able to distribute the product more effectively. When I allow my hair the time to air dry after product application, my frizziness is managed, by natural wavy hair looks intentional, and as a whole my hair just looks and feels much more healthy.  I've had a long lasting relationship with this bottle, and I don't see anything taking its place any time soon,  although I am always giving other products the chance to sweep me off my feet.
I was so, SO lucky to get this in a prize pack a while ago from Beauty Crew. I had heard so much about Moroccan oil and had been complaining of my dry hair for a while when this baby landed on my doorstep Yay! I have dry, frizzy, waist-length hair which needs to be styled to look nice but I don't like to constantly straighten my hair thus drying it out further. The packaging of this product looks super classy with the glass bottle and the attachable pump. I put the pump on straight away as with oils you want to make sure you don't use too much at first. I use one pump in freshly washed and towel-dried hair and then put my hair up in a towel to dry. The first day after I used it was so impressed with how the oil had worked, my hair was smooth, shiny, manageable and had a soft curl throughout that didn't look as if I'd stuck my finger in a socket. There were no signs of frizz like there normally is and I was able to wear my hair down without the need for any hot tools. Hooray! I wash my hair normally about twice a week and I have been using this oil the same way as above every time. It also leaves my hair smelling so nice. I cannot believe I didn't try this oil sooner. The only thing I will mention is to make sure you don't use too much oil, use one pump the first time and see how you go. Also, only apply from mid lengths to ends, your scalp produces enough oil and you don't want to need to wash it again after a day. I am so happy and grateful I got to try Moroccan oil. There are a lot of products on the market claiming to do what this product does at a smaller cost but I definitely recommend you pay the extra and get the real thing. This stuff is heavenly for my hair and coming into Winter I'm glad I got it just in time. I definitely recommend and will be repurchasing.
So far so good! Dark, dreamy exotic scent and absorbs really quick in the hair and on your hands so you're not left with a greasy feel. I find that one pump is enough to distribute through the ends of my waist long hair. I've noticed a dramatic difference in the texture of my hair - soft and manageable compared to a few weeks back where it was dry and coarse. I love that the packaging is made of glass and not plastic. I used to use Jojoba oil in my hair before this but I can officially say I've been converted. I tend to use this once a day in the morning before I head out the door to manage frizz and protect my hair against the weather.  Highly rate this product - hair care must have! 
This luxe oil works wonders for my parched blonde hair. I have fine hair and most hair oils weigh it down, leaving it greasy - not this oil! After washing and towel drying my hair, I warm a few drops in my palms and apply to the ends and mid-lengths. Once dry, my hair is silky smooth. Been using it for years!
I have a love and hate relationship with this product. I have super dry,super frizzy,fine and thin hair. I have tried several products in the market to tame my frizziness and give life to my dull and dry hair. I find that this works on my dry hair better than the wet hair. I noticed there was no difference when applied on wet hair. I really want to love this product so much since it is so expensive and the hype is unbelievable but for me the effect isnt enough. Applied alone on my hair and it didnt tame my frizziness nor moisturized my super dry hair. What i actually did to make this work is to put on phytodefrissant on my wet hair (to tame the frizz) then put this on my dry hair. It gave shine thats why i keep on using it. I also find that i need a lot of this to make it work. Some says they only put a small amount but i put on a lot. I love the smell of this thats why i prefer this than the coconut oil
When it comes to hair oil this product is marvellous. It restores dry ends and hair, with shine and cuts out the frizz. You only need a very small amount to revive tired tresses.  The most heavenly thing about this oil is that it smells incredible. It definitely improves the look of split ends and makes hair more manageable. The only negative thing about this hair product is that it is rather expensive, but I’m not subtracting a star as a tiny bit goes a long way, mine has lasted over a year. I would recommend this oil to anyone that is looking to protect the ends of their hair from splitting or would like to add mirror like shine to their hair.