MUD Lip Defining Pencil

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MUD Lip Defining Pencil is a velvety lip liner that keeps lipstick in place. The highly pigmented shades will trace the contours of your lips effortlessly thanks to their creamy texture. Define, correct and shape your lips for a fuller-looking pout, or colour in the surface of your lips before applying lipstick for longer wear.


MUD Lip Defining Pencil


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Shade: Latte

I picked up this MUD Lip Defining Pencil in the shade Latte from the supermarket when I was doing my shopping. It's a great affordable product and is pigmented. I isn't drying on my lips. The formula is creamy and I love filling my entire lips in with it then applying my lipstick and it helps to keep my lipstick on. It comes with a clean lid so that you can pop this in your handbag and it won't dry inside your bag. It's easy to sharpen and I just love it because the colour is so perfectly nude and it's really affordable.

Great precise line, great pigmentation

This is a great budget friendly lip defining pencil. Great value for money at only$6, the formula is really creamy so it’s easy to apply, it’s non drying, quite hydrating and doesn’t drag across lips making it easy to get a nice precise fine line. I use this to outline and define my lips so lipstick stays in place easier and to make my lips look fuller naturally. I also sometimes use this to totally fill in my lips for lasting colour and then apply lipstick over the top to make it last better. The pigmentation is quite high quality for the low price and I was really impressed with this. I have used much more expensive brands probably with a slightly better result, but this lip liner is amazing for the price. I will be buying another one for sure