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Napoleon Perdis 22b - Chisel Blush Brush Sable

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Napoleon Perdis 22b - Chisel Blush Brush Sable is a makeup brush made with pure sable hair for applying powder blush to the cheeks. The flexible bristles allow for a blended application of powder to highlight and shade the contours of the face.


Napoleon Perdis 22b - Chisel Blush Brush Sable


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I love napolean perdis makeup brushes, such high quality and they last really well. This is a lovely brush for applying powder and blush as the brush handle is slim and easy to use. The sable bristles are soft so beautiful on skin, but flexible enough to deposit just the right amount of product and contour face easily. I wash mine regularly in a little warm water and shampoo then dry flat on a towel for hygiene and to keep my brush looking great for longer. This brush gives a lovely application of powder or blush with ease and is great for highlighting. It is worth paying the money for a quality brush like this and I highly recommend it
I am one of those people who has lots of makeup brushes, but only uses a select few, and the Napoleon Perdis Chisel Blush Brush is one of them. It’s the perfect shape and size blush brush – it fits perfectly on the cheekbones and deposits powder blush like a dream. The petite size and rounded shape of the brush makes it extremely versatile, and as well as being perfect for blush, it’s a great option for contouring and highlighting. The bristles are pure sable and are very soft and flexible, but not too much that they splay on contact with the blush pan or cheek.  This brush is incredibly long lasting and well made --I have had mine for at least 4 years and it looks new. I wash my brushes weekly with baby shampoo, and this brush has retained its shape and hasn’t shed. The wood handle is slim and tapered and easy to grip, as well as easy to store. Given the brushes’ versatility and quality, it’s well worththe $35 spend!