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Napoleon Perdis Advanced Mineral Makeup

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Napoleon Perdis Advanced Mineral Makeup is a liquid mineral foundation that camouflages imperfections, lessens the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles and helps reduce shine. The formula contains vitamins A, C and E as well as SPF 15 for ultimate sun protection. 


Napoleon Perdis Advanced Mineral Makeup


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I absolutely love trying new foundations and am partial to a good mineral one. This napolean perdis advanced mineral makeup is divine. The liquid makeup of natural minerals is silky and easy to apply with a good makeup brush or sponge, it covers really well yet feel so feather light to wear. this covers all skin imperfections including dark circles, fine lines, skin imperfections and disguises pores, a true miracle worker. It lasts really well and reduces shine, a huge bonus for me as I have an oily T-zone. I love the added advantage of spf 15 to protect my skin from the sun. I would recommend using a napolean primer under this for even better results, a great product that I would highly recommend
I'm already a fan of Napoleon Perdis cosmetics but I cannot rave enough about the Advanced Mineral Makeup - a liquid foundation made from 100% naturally derived minerals, providing fantastic coverage without leaving skin looking or feeling caked on. It comes in a easy to handle compact black tube and is a thick lotion in consistency but insanely easy to apply evenly and smoothly. I just dab on a small amount with my fingertips and blend with a soft foundation sponge. The makeup looks flawless on my skin and surprisingly lasts all day too.  Ideally it should be used with primer and a translucent powder for maximum benefit.  I love the added vitamins and SPF protection. The formula is nourishing and doesn't dry or irritate my skin. It is easy to remove with gentle soap face cleanser. Its wonderful product that I consider much more than a cosmetic but an investment. I would highly recommend.