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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting Mask

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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting Mask is a gel face mask designed to prep skin for makeup. The mask softens and smooths while delivering a line-blurring moisture boost to skin thanks to its jojoba oil and vitamin E enriched formula. Skin looks fresh with a velvety matte finish.


Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting Mask


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I use this on days when I have more time to get ready, I will cleanse, apply this and will leave it on for at least half hour.  I will then wash off and apply serums, moisturiser then make up.  My skin is so much smoother, make up sits so much better and has a healthy glow to it.
Beauty doesn't just start with a brush or swipe or two of makeup, but with caring for the skin you apply makeup to, with the right products and routine. Do this and you will soon be rewarded with skin that is smooth, even, hydrated, and soft, with a natural, radiant glow. When you achieve this, you will then know that it's been all worth it. A good routine consists of two different cleansers, one an oil or balm and the other a cream or exfoliating formula, because double cleansing day and night is the best thing you can do for your skin to achieve that natural glow. Add in a hydrating serum that will soften, smooth, erase redness and unevenness, and remove roughness and dead skin, a nourishing day and night moisturiser, and a weekly clay or cream mask and exfoliation, and you are well on your way to the best skin of your life. I follow this routine twice a day, every day, and really believe that it has paid off big time. My skin is soft, smooth, hydrated and even with yes, that natural radiant glow to it, and all the hard work, persistence and finding the right products from brilliant brands, such as Napoleon Perdis, gives me the best feeling of power, confidence, and happiness every day, and nothing quite lives up to that feeling of knowing that because I've persisted with time and the right products, I have skin that I feel confident enough about to be able to go makeup free whenever I choose to. A weekly clay or cream or gel or tissue/cloth mask is my favourite way to nourish and pamper my skin, and to get an even deeper treatment, depending on the type of mask I use. Clay is great at drawing out oil, dirt and impurities deep from within your skin, but sometimes I need a real hit of moisture and glow, and I can get that by using a cream formulation, such as this brilliant Napoleon Perdis auto pilot radiance boosting mask, and doesn't the name just say it all. It has a texture somewhere in-between a cream and gel, with gorgeous, skin loving ingredients like jojoba and vitamin E, that adds that brilliant, radiant glow to my skin, and continues to nourish and work into my skin long after removing the mask. After my usual double cleanse, I smooth on a thick, even layer of this beauty to my face, then sit back for about ten or fifteen minutes to relax and allow the mask to work it's skin nourishing magic. Then I gently, thoroughly remove it with a damp face cloth, apply serum and moisturiser to still damp skin, and I am left with skin that is bright, soft, smooth and so radiant and glowing, it's like I had a professional facial. The results are instant and long lasting too. Each time I use this mask, my skin just gets better and better, suddenly I have skin that is brighter, smoother, softer, more hydrated and with a permanent, radiant glow, it just makes me smile each time I look in the mirror. It is ideal to use before makeup application, as the glow radiates from beneath your foundation, I sometimes leave it on for an hour or even over night, it makes a beautiful sleeping mask, it's even good as a primer or moisturiser, the list of uses and benefits just go on and on. Paying $85 for a mask that is as beautiful and beneficial as this one is completely worth it, it is value for product, time, benefits and money. Napoleon Perdis famously said that not to prime is a crime, but to me, not to care for your skin and nourish it with the right products and treatments, that's an even bigger beauty crime. Release your inner and outer glow with this radiance boosting genius of a product, and feel the power, confidence, happiness and beauty that you continue to release each day. The power of beauty comes from beautiful products like this.