Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon Perdis Autopilot Concealer Primer

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Napoleon Perdis Autopilot Concealer Primer is a primer that works under concealer to keep it looking fresh, while also delivering a more flattering, longer lasting concealer finish. Film-forming agents help the formula to sync in with the skin, humectants and gelling agents keep the skin looking soft and refreshed, and light reflecting agents take the focus off fine lines and wrinkles.


Napoleon Perdis Autopilot Concealer Primer


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This is such a gorgeous primer that delivers amazing results. I had purchased a cheaper primer from another brand and was disappointed with the results. It was recomennded to me to purchase a primer so i decided to go to napolean for a more quality primer, I'm glad I did as this primer is worth the money. This gives such a gorgeous smooth matte base for foundation. It visibly reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines and conceals imperfections beautifully. So easy to apply, to smooths on perfectly and sinks in immediatley. After applying foundation my makeup had a professional look so i would buy this primer again and I highly recommend using this as a high quality base