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Napoleon Perdis Balm Voyage Cleanser

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Napoleon Perdis Balm Voyage Cleanser is a cleansing balm with all natural ingredients to soothe and moisturise tired skin. The cleansing balm removes all dirt and makeup and leaves your skin soft and fresh.


Napoleon Perdis Balm Voyage Cleanser


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Beauty is truly skin deep and what you do on the inside reflects on the outside, especially on the skin, and I'm a big believer in inner beauty and health. I also firmly believe that what you do on your skin reflects big time on your outer health, beauty and happiness. Thats's why I'm fanatical, bordering on obsessive, with having a twice daily skin care regime, where I double cleanse, apply serum, moisturiser, sunscreen and other masks and treatments. I am blessed, more like cursed, with skin that is highly sensitive, getting more and more on the dry side, yet I still get oil and as well as that, adult acne, so I do whatever it takes to ensure my skin remains in the best possible condition it can, with hard work and the correct products. Doing this religiously twice a day every day, really has rewarded me with fresh, soft, hydrated, supple, and radiant skin that stays clear of redness, unevenness and for the most part, clearing up my remaining acne and preventing future break outs. My skin care regime begins with a double cleanse, first with an oil then a cream or exfoliating formula, but I've recently discovered a different type of cleanser, one that comes in the form of a solid balm, and I have fallen in love with the results, instant and long lasting, that it has given my skin. I've tried a couple so far, including this Napoleon Perdis Balm Voyage moisture complex cleanser and makeup remover, and it is a little pot of gold cleansing goodness. I am familiar with, and have used several Napoleon Perdis products, mostly their makeup like the brilliant sheer genius foundation which bathes my skin in a translucent coverage of light and radiance boosting formula, but this is the first skin care product I've tried, and I love it. It was affordable, effective and gave brilliant first time and long lasting results, and was so quick and easy to use. I massaged a pea size amount all over my dry skin, really working it into my face all over, then I dampened my skin with luke warm water, massaged thoroughly again, then removed and did my second cleanse. My skin was left instantly soft, smooth and hydrated and over continued use, my skin is more even, less red, less blemishes and radiates with the most natural glow. I need so little of this balm that I've barely made a dent in it, and it is so much richer and creamier than an oil, yet doesn't clog up my pores and removes just as simply and easily. Cleansing balms are my favourite recent skin care discovery, and they are an innovative and genius invention, with many benefits from the first use and in the long term. I love this Napoleon Perdis version, yet not as much as an Estee Lauder one I recently started using, hence only four stars, but there is no real negative about this product for me. It's effective, affordable, and works first time and in the long term, with beautiful results for your skin. Using products like this, in a dedicated twice daily routine, will reward you with skin that is soft, smooth, even, hydrated and radiating with glowing goodness. Beauty is definitely skin deep, but working hard to achieve beautiful skin on the outside will boost your natural power, confidence and happiness, and what a beautiful thing that is.