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Napoleon Perdis Browtox

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Napoleon Perdis Browtox is an eyebrow gel for defining brows and keeping them in place. The universal brow gel shade adds colour and definition to any brow. The formula is enriched with synthetic beeswax for a smooth finish, and is easy to apply with the angled Browtox Grooming Brush.  


Napoleon Perdis Browtox


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I bought this brow gel to fill in the sparse parts of my brows so I could make the overall appearance look fuller.  Whilst cheaper I don't like how unnatural pencil can often looks so I decided to just bite the bullet and fork out the $40.  This product has a nice consistency and as I'm a brunette it suits my colour perfectly. It's not as long lasting as some gels I've used but I really like that it's not too heavy and I find I shape them nicely with my little eyebrow brush.  Value for money is not too bad as it's lasted me a few months. I would recommend if you're confident in shaping and want a good quality product to use everyday.  
I love Napoleon Perdis Browtox because it is so easy to use and keeps my brows on point all day long!  The little pot of heaven delivers all it sets out to concor. I use an angled brush to neatly apply the product throughout my brow area (think upward, then outward strokes). No need for a brow setting gel as it's a waxy consistency it doubles as two products in one. My brows stay put and are defined throughout the day with no need for a top up! TIP - make sure you have brushed your brow hair into place before applying product! that way your application doesn't need to tackle any strays and your natural shape is obvious and ready for you to colour in, in between the lines!
I love the Napoleon Perdis Browtox because this little wonder helps keep by brows in shape and looking great all day long. The Browtox is a cream-gel made with bees wax and comes with a double ended brush which makes it easy to apply. The trick is you only need to apply a very small amount to get the perfect impact. This product will help fill in patches to make your brows look fuller and it adds a nice rich colour to them. It costs $39 but because you only need to apply a small amount, this little pot will last for quite a while. The only drawback is that it only comes in one shade which is a brown, so it may not suit those with darker brows. I found it very easy to apply and it's the best my brows have ever looked. I definitely recommend giving it a try.