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Napoleon Perdis Devine Goddess Lipstick

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Napoleon Perdis Devine Goddess Lipstick is a lipstick enriched with herbal extracts and antioxidants to soften lips. The lipstick shades offer a highly pigmented and creamy finish. 


Napoleon Perdis Devine Goddess Lipstick


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I love napoloen lipsticks! I have this in a few different shades and i love them. They are so creamy and don't dry out my lips which is a huge plus for me. They are long lasting and have a nice strong colour! These lipsticks are both great for everyday use and for going out. They are very worth the money and i look forward to purchasing more colours in the future.
Napoleon Perdis is the "Aussie boy done good....REALLY good" in the makeup industry.Priming became a "must do" after his famous catchcry of "not to prime is a crime",and his range of Devine Goddess Lipsticks have become almost as popular. A range of 20 shades,( in matte,satin,pearlised and gloss textures) that are named after historical Greek Goddesses, and are as beautiful as said Goddesses themselves. These lipsticks are all as good for your lips (enriched with herbal extracts and antioxidants,to truly care for and protect lips. ) as they are beautiful and comfortable to wear (and can i tell you,they are beyond a delight to wear.They feel like silk and last for many an hour with careful wear) and have fantastic coverage / colour payoff.The formula for all of them though is the same and "luxe". The lipstick glides on with ease, is super buildable and leaves a nice stain to the lips throughout wear (eating/drinking etc.,just no greasy food or kissing like a lovestruck teen).All in all,a must try from Napoleon if your inner Goddess is screaming for some love for your lips.I gave "Athena" (a pale pink sparkle hue) a try,and suggest this as a pairing for dark,smokey eyes. And the tube itself ? Well,it is lovely (clear plastic,gold lettering and bullet,colour co-ordinated to the shade inside on the bottom),but to be picky,it is a tad bulky to cart around in your bag (it is squarish in shape).That is my only gripe though for an otherwise beautiful product.And what of the price? Well,at around $ comes in at a mid price range,but it is exceptional for it's class and is worth,in my opinion,worth every cent. TIP:Transfer a small amount onto a lip brush and keep that in your bag during the day.When you need to re-apply,simply take out from your bag and sweep on.n
I have this in Harmonia and I really love it, I’ve recieved many compliments on this lipstick. If you love corals this is the perfect shade for you, it really brightens up the face and looks great on me when I’m pale or fake tanned. I don’t use a lipliner with it, I find I can create a great lipline just using this lipstick and a lip brush for a nice crisp edge. It doesn’t feel drying on the lips and is a creamy finish.
I had high expectations when I purchased this lipstick and I'm pleased to say I was not disappointed one little bit.  Despite owning too many red lipsticks (said no woman ever) I chose the classic red Aphrodite and it has quickly become a favourite.  The colour is rich and elegant and reminds me of old star glamour girls.  The texture is creamy and easy to apply, not matte but not too glossy either, and does not dry the lips.  The finish is lasting and whilst there is some transfer onto cups and glassware it has good staying power and will go the distance with minimal touch ups providing you don't eat a 3 course meal at every sitting. After priming my lips I apply the colour straight from the bullet and finish off with lip liner. Remember when we used to do that the other way round?  If I'm looking for a slightly glossier look sometimes I apply a clear balm or gloss over the top but this reduces the longevity and increases the smudge potential so this only occurs on a food free wearing but is ok for a drink or two but expect to have to reapply if you're out for a bigger night.  The packaging is luxe and glamorous and all in all I'm a happy customer who will repurchase. 
what a gorgeous lipstick. I totally loved the luxe packaging, its such a treat. The lipstick itself is so divine, in an array of gorgeous colours the pigmentation is awesome, so thick, rich, luxe and creamy, it delivers lovely colour without bleeding or sliding off lips. It applies really well and lasted for hours without having to reapply. I felt like a divine goddess wearing this and got heaps of compliments which was nice. This product nourished and softens my lips and felt lovely and light to wear, not drying or sticky. This is a true high quality product that i will continue to buy and I would absolutely recommend it
This Napoleon Perdis lipstick is a dream come true! It glides onto my lips leaving them feeling soft and smooth, and even with hours of use my lips don't dry out or feel sticky. The color pigment is very bold and matte, it definitely looks high quality while having a creamy touch to it.  I love how versatile this lipstick is to wear, its great for wearing it during the day even when your wearing minimal makeup and want a color pop! It is also perfect to accompany a full face of makeup for night use, and will stay on for hours even if you are eating/drinking!!  I recommend using a few coats and good qaulity lip liner and you will look amazing all day!