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Napoleon Perdis Eye Pencil

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Napoleon Perdis Eye Pencil is an eyeliner pencil with a soft, creamy formula that is easy to blend. The eyeliner provides great coverage and exact lining. The long-lasting formula is free of mineral oil and preservatives and contains natural antioxidants for added protection. 


Napoleon Perdis Eye Pencil


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Napoleon Perdis Eye Pencil

I have used these Napoleon Perdis Eye Pencils for many years from the black eyeliner and the other coloured ones from greens, blues and purples. I love that the Napoleon Perdis Eye Pencils glide onto my eyelids so easily as the creamy formula makes it easy to do. The Napoleon Perdis Eye Pencil is long lasting and stays perfectly on my eyelids all day without any irritation. I like using the black eyeliner to wear and blend with eyeshadows and I especially like wearing the coloured eye liners when I need to do a quick makeup I can wear them on it’s own just with mascara.
There’s a time to splurge and a time to save, and I was definitely one of those people who believed that pencil eye liners were always a save item. I was wrong and it’s all thanks to this amazing pencil. I was actually taken aback about how effortless and pigmented this eye liner was that I may have stolen my mother’s (she doesn’t wear makeup so I figured it was fair game). Honestly, I was fully committed to the sharp and defined winged eye liner look that I went for every day, but I after trying this eyeliner I felt more adventurous and comfortable with trying out smokier lash lines and shadows. And this product makes it so easy to do so because it is soft and creamy AND pigmented, fulfilling the tri-factor every eye liner should strive for. It is so smooth that you actually run the risk of sliding outside your lash line and right down your cheek because it feels almost like melted wax. Being very soft though, the tip doesn’t stay sharp for very long. If you are doing looks with sharp lines you will have to resharpen it a few times as you are doing your makeup. Personally, I use harder pencils to etch out those defined line and then go back over with the Napoleon Perdis to pack in the colour. As well, you can guarantee you won’t have to go back over that line because the colour in this pencil is the purest and most vibrant pigment I have ever seen you’ll only need one swipe. And unlike other weak and sticky pencils out there, you can blur out lines with just a few strokes of blending brush. As well, the ingredients making the kohl inside and along with the wood are of such a high quality that is unbelievable easy to sharpen and the colour inside the middle won’t snap. I’ll stick to my cheap pencils when I’m drawing the guidelines for my winged eyeliner, but for every smoked out lash line and vampy look, I’ll be grabbing my Napoleon Perdis pencil.