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Napoleon Perdis g20 - High Definition Foundation & Concealer Brush

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Napoleon Perdis g20 - High Definition Foundation & Concealer Brush is a makeup brush for applying foundation and concealer. The density of the brush hair acts as a reservoir to hold and release the product onto the skin for better coverage.


Napoleon Perdis g20 - High Definition Foundation & Concealer Brush


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Beauty is my entire identity as a female, and makeup is my favourite part of my every day routine, followed closely by skin care. As well ass having the correct products for a flawless base, defined brows, flushed cheeks and pouty lips, I also need the right tools and brushes to help me apply my chosen product. I have a number of brilliant brushes, sponges and other applicators, for every part of my face, but I have the most foundation brushes than any other brush, as beautifully applied foundation is the beginning and end of my makeup look, and it must look flawless and airbrushed. Napoleon Perdis famously said that not to prime is a crime, but I think it definitely applies to makeup brushes and tools too. This high definition foundation and concealer brush is a recent addition to my brush family, and it is a very much adored one. At $55 it's not the most expensive brush I've purchased, not the cheapest though, but it's very much worth every one of those pennies. It is sleek and black in appearance, and it does a most wonderful job of applying my foundation and concealer products with a flawless, airbrushed and buffed finish every time. It neatly and effortlessly gets into every corner of the face, and conceals blemishes and red patches with total ease. It feels soft and silky on the face, and it dispenses the product onto your face instead of clogging up the bristles. I did my usual double cleanse, serum, moisturiser and primer so I started with the perfect blank canvas, then applied a dot of Napoleon Perdis sheer genius foundation (seemed only fitting that I used a Napoleon foundation with this brush) onto my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and blended and buffed it into my skin, adding more product where needed on any areas of redness or pimples, buffing and blending thoroughly again until I had my desired level of coverage and colour. Five minutes was all it took to do my entire face, including any extra coverage, and the result was buffed, airbrushed, flawless and glowing skin. The brush is brilliant for both foundation and concealer, and it's so easy to build up layers and coverage, without it caking or clogging up your pores. You only need a very small amount of product each time, as the brush spreads products with ease, so it's value for time, money and effort. Cleaning the brush is so easy too, and it is a much loved part of my makeup tools and brushes family, which is steadily building up as I find more and more beautiful products from great brands like this. I only gave four stars because it almost, but not quite, lives up to my beloved It cosmetics foundation brush. Not to prime is a crime, but not having the right tools and brushes to apply your makeup is an even bigger crime. Arm yourself with an arsenal of brilliant brushes and tools, and create a beautiful makeup base every single day. That is the power of beauty.