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Napoleon Perdis Lashes

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Napoleon Perdis Lashes are reusable strip lashes made from a mix of natural and synthetic hair. Available in a variety of different styles, these lashes can be used to create a dramatic eye makeup look, or something more natural. 


Napoleon Perdis Lashes


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I get these lashes put on every time I get my makeup done at the Napoleon makeup bar. They look natural and rarely come off. They feel light but some take a little more getting used to. Ive never reused them as I find once they've had eyeliner and other make up applied on them they don't look as fresh. But for the first use they are perfection! I would recommend them to anyone wanting lashes put on.
I had these lashes applied on my graduation day and despite the hot and humid summer they stayed on my eyelids wonderfully. After careful cleaning I was able to use these a few more times at different parties before the band got too weak. The lashes were very light, fluttery and helped opened up the eyes.  I never purchase these but always get them as part of makeup application appointments which makes them worth it because you can use the booking fee towards products.
I used these lashes for my wedding and didn't have my makeup professionally done. My bridesmaid applied these lashes very easily and they did the perfect job. I wanted something natural, that made my eyes stand out and that lasted the test of the entire event in the 40degree Bali heat. Winner!