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Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder

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Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder is a multi-tone powder palette designed to suit every skin tone. The complementary hues sit in a mosaic pattern, which are designed to be blended together to create a flattering finish on the skin.

Available in three shades.


Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder


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Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder

I purchased the Napoleon Perdis mosaic powder After I purchased the Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol and Bronze Patrol It is more of a matte finish and isn’t illuminating and shimmery like the others it has a mix of bronze, highlighter and blush tones in it. I use a blush brush to pick the colors up and swirl it around through all of them in one stroke it’s a nice subtle blush and you can have a light on your skin or build up for a more defined look what I really like about this blush is that you can use on your eyes also. It comes in its own gold case with a mirror inside of you want to use it on the go.
I’m not normally a fan of a matte finish but when I do opt for that I like a little blush and this blush will suit anyone. The mosaic design somehow makes sure that the blush you apply is the right tone for you. As with all blush a little goes a long way so build up slowly.
I purchased this product after a friend recommended it to me. I chose the shade 'flushing' which upon opening was very pretty with the little different squares of coral shades. The feel of the product upon my cheek is velvety smooth and glowing without looking like a Christmas bauble. Whether you want just a touch of tint on the cheeks or if you want more colour, it is buildable. The only con is the price but at least it is a quality product.
I purchased this product wanting to find a blush that would suit my skin tone and leave my face glowing.  It lets you almost make your own match for your skin with the various shades throughout the mosaic compact i have never had a problem with it matching my skin as it beautifully blends together to create a unique tone.  The formula is smooth and bendable and won't leave your cheeks looking caked on or over the top with colour
omg this amaze balls products left me wanting more ... this product is so clever ; the mosaic of different shades give a unique and gorgeous shade. i love the fact that it comes in thre different shades, to even more suit the different skin tones. the texture in this is very nice and easily blendable. i would like it to not be so expensive tho LOL !!