Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon Perdis Pro Palette Concealer +

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Napoleon Perdis Pro Palette Concealer + is a concealer palette with three shades that can be blended together to create the perfect shade. The hydrating formula contains light-diffusing properties to banish blemishes and hide dark circles, puffiness and other imperfections for a flawless finish. 


Napoleon Perdis Pro Palette Concealer +


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I normally hate Napolean products as over the years they have been varying in standard. I got a gift voucher from a friend from there and ended up buying the concealer palette. I must say I LOVED it. the contents is dewy, soft and easily workable. I found it worked on many skin tones and stayed well on the face. Not a bad price when you think your getting 3 tones of the product. I didnt mind the packaging as it fit easily into my kit and was also able to be carried in my smaller on set kit. Great for coverage too.
I got this as part of a 40% off promotion, the person working there suggest this product to me and so glad she did! Love it so much. It’s great that you can mix them to get the exact shade needed, so I can use the same concealer when I have fake tan on and when I don’t. I also use the lightest colour around my eyebrows to clean up and sharpen lines after I have filled in my brows! Great product and will be buying again for sure!
This was one of the very first concealers I ever purchased and I like the versatility you get by having a palette of colours. You can combine the colours to truly create a custom concealer for you or if you’re a MUA any client. I received some advice from the lady who sold it to me and she suggested you use the end of your brush to scoop a tiny bit of product and apply it to the inside of the lid and mix it up in there to get the colour you need. I use the yellow concealer for under eyes and the creamy coloured for spots etc and can add some of the darker colour to get the right colour. I’ve also used this palette to try contouring and it had great results. It blends really well and the product is so easy to apply with a brush or fingers. I think that this is great value for the price and is a welcome addition to my kit that I go back to again and again. I really like to set this with the Napoleon camera finish pressed powder or a super fine setting powder (for under eyes).
Correct and conceal...This little beauty will allow you to do both! The main reason I LOVE this product is that it contains 3 different coloured concealers in the one nifty pot. The yellow one is a tone-corrector, and the other two are concealers which conveniently come in a darker and a lighter tone. I find that the lighter one is my go-to for most of the year, but the darker one is perfect for summer when I am tanned, or throughout the year when I fake-tan. With my other concealers I always have the dilemma of not being able to use them all year round because what works for me when I'm looking like Casper the ghost, doesn't work for me when I'm rocking my tan and looking more like a sun-kissed godess :) Whereas this little beauty is perfect all year round and the light and dark concealer can also be mixed to create every shade in between. It's such a simple concept yet so effective and I don't know why other brands down give you the option to customise your concealer by containing a dark and light option in one container. It really is GENIUS.  Now let's talk about the consistency. This concealer is definitely a little more creamy and thicker than others, but for this reason it provides high-coverage and helps conceal those "morning-after-a-big-night" dark circles, or in my case the permanent "hi I'm a mum and I live on minimal sleep" eyes! It also conceals blemishes and any discolouration or spots extremely well. A little really goes a long way. So you may be wondering why I have rated this oh-so-amazing product 4 out of 5 stars? Well I have to admit, the price really stings (approx $60). This is probably the most expensive concealer I have seen on the market, however technically it is a trio of concealers, so that does slightly justify the price. However all in all, the amount of product that is contained in the wheel does not really justify or reflect the price. Luckily I love this product and it does last ages! 
This palette concealer is a makeup bag staple for me. It contains a trio of concealers of varying colours, letting you mix and match your perfect shade of concealer. On top of this, it comes in a sturdy and compact container, around the same size as a MAC eyeshadow, making it ideal to throw into your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups.   The wheel contains a yellow corrector to target unwanted red/pink tones, as well as two different beige concealers. This inclusion of a lighter and darker concealer is great, especially if you’re someone who tans well in summer. I find that I use more of the lighter section in winter, and more of the darker in summer, so by the end of the year the usage evens out and I don’t end up wasting half the product.   The formula is really rich and creamy, and the emollient texture allows the product to blend well. It also applies well, both on bare skin or on top of foundation, and I have had no issues with the product pulling or settling into creases. I have applied it with a brush, blender, and the pad of my finger, and have been rather impressed with each.   The coverage is somewhat buildable, I would say it can be anywhere from sheer to medium. Although there are concealers out there that provide a fuller coverage, I find this product looks really natural on the skin and doesn’t dry my skin out, and therefore it is my go to for everyday wear.The yellow corrector is also super handy for those blemishes that blindside you while you’re out and about.   The performance of the concealer is good, it will easily last throughout the work day. I do find that using a primer and setting with powder does improve the longevity, but it really isn’t necessary for everyday wear. I haven’t noticed any oxidisation or unwanted orange tones when wearing the concealer.   The only real negative this product has is the price, as at $60 I find it a little steep for a concealer. I have been unimpressed with several of the NP products regarding value-for-money performance, however this concealer does perform well and lasts ages. I got almost a year out of my first palette using it rather religiously most days. I have repurchased, so I guess the product must justify the hefty price tag for me personally.   I have knocked a star off my rating due to the price, and the fact that the last remnants of the product are a little difficult to get out of the wheel corners. But other than those issues I really like the product. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a natural medium-coverage concealer, especially if the colour of your skin changes significantly throughout the year.   PROS: variety of colours, creamy texture, includes a yellow corrector, compact, buildable coverage, longevity, adaptability. CONS: price, packaging. RECOMMENDED FOR: all skin types.