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Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer

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Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer is a cream concealer that syncs with most skin tones to create the perfect shade. The concealer hides dark circles, blemishes and pigmentation patches, and evens out redness to create a flawless look.


Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer


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My favourite concealer. It covers EVERYTHING! Dark circles, redness, pores, spots, texture, literally everything! It does not get cakey and stays on all day and night. It is the perfect product for any occasion. A little product goes a long way and I have had my pot for about four years and it is still going strong. If you do use too much product you may get a bit of a cakey look but I promise you that if you put on less than you think you need you will get amazing results. It is super high coverage, blendable and glides on the skin gorgeously. Highly recommend
This is probably the best long lasting wearing concealer ever! I always used this for events and it never creases!! The texture is thick however blends amazingly and doesn't feel cakey at all! I use this mainly under my eyes for my dark circles and i can honestly say it lasts all day :)
Loving most of Napoleon P's makeup range, I was excited to try this much lauded concealer, as dark circles have become a bit of a bane in the aced based stakes! I was a little concerned at the size of the pot, as it's quite tiny for the price...eek! 5.2 g! I'm not kidding, the pot is tiny, although the black lid with the Napoleon logo, and gold tone bottom appear quite swishy, in a miniature way... Once you screw off the lid, the contents have no real discernable fragrance, which is brilliant, and the colour of the concealer is a deep salmon pink. The consistency is between a paste and balm, so I went quite lightly when applying with my finger tip, not wanting a caked on appearance, as the concealer is quite thick. It felt quite nice on the under eye area I was working with, and didn't feel heavy, however a couple of disconcerting things happened: 1, the colour did not blend well with my skin tone. I have light/medium skin tone, with a neutral base (mostly looks better with cooler colours, but I can get away with warm at times). Although the concealer claims it works with MOST skin tones, mine alas was not one of them. 2, I found the concealer accentuated the fine lines I have around my eyes, and settled into them, even though I blended to my hearts content. I've come to the conclusion that this would suit warmer skin tones, and those that range from medium to deep, as it throws quite obviously to the orange pigment. In it's favour, I think a very small amount goes a long way, so in the end, it would be value for money, comparable to other concealers with greater volume. Sadly, I've had to pass this on to a relative, but on the brighter side, she loves it, and it suits her complexion well.
I was recommended this concealer by the staff at Napoleon Perdis. It may work great but not on me. The colour didn't blend well with my skin and you could see creases under my eyes after use which is what a concealer shouldn't do! Value for money is fairly comparable with others on the market so I suggest trying before buying on this one!
The peach colour of this little pot of gold is the perfect shade for under eye circles and it blends beautifully. The pot seems small but lasts forever, well at least 12 months if you're lucky.  I've tried others but keep coming back as it's hard to beat. 
I love this peachy concealer it's great for under eye darkness and for dark blemishes. I consider this to be a full coverage concealer and a little goes a long way so you need to blend well. I like to set mine with the napoleon perdis camera finish pressed powder and I find it lasts all night.
Napoleon Perdis never fails to deliver and give us great quality products. I love using this on my clients when they have dark under eye bags. This is great as an eye primer too if i forget to pack my actual one in my makeup kit. I would highly recommend this in either your own personal or professional kits.
Wholy moley this concealer is amazing. There is never not one of these bad boys in light in my collection.  I tend to use this to cover blemishes, tidy my brows, around my nose and contour my mouth. The colour suits my skin tone so perfectly that minimal blending is required.  For only $39 it's a must have item