Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon Perdis Wash And Go Makeup Brush Cleaning Mitt

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Napoleon Perdis Wash And Go Makeup Brush Cleaning Mitt is a mitt for cleaning makeup brushes. The mitt has two cleaning surfaces to ensure a thorough brush clean: the smaller, circular grooves are great for foaming and lathering, while the horizontal grooves work to get in between bristles to release product build-up. Perfect for makeup brushes of all shapes and sizes.


Napoleon Perdis Wash And Go Makeup Brush Cleaning Mitt


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I absolutely detest washing my makeup brushes but this makes the job a million times easier, as well as protects my hands from the washing detergents. I will usually fill my sink up with warm water to rinse, dip my brush in the water, then into detergent and then swirl and lather the brush on the mitt, then rinse and dry. It makes life so much easier as the groves help to get into the bristles and loosen any built up product in the brush. Before I had this mitt I would swirl my brushes in the palm of hand which after awhile my hands got sore and afterwards would feel really dry from the soap I used. This is actually pretty affordable as well, you could probably go to Big W and get a cheaper silicon kitchen glove, but I really like the grooves and bumpy surfaces to work my brushes. Even though you are rubbing your brushes against the rubbery surface it hasn't deteriorated my brushes at all, and as long as I shape them before I lay them out to dry they keep their shape nicely. For reference I use a mix of natural hair and synthetic brushes and neither have experienced any shedding or damage since using this!  I think it will last for a long time and seems to be really good quality.
This a great product! It makes cleaning your makeup brushed easy. Use your favourite brush cleaning product (I prefer baby shampoo) and deposit it on the grooves of the silicone mat and start swirling your brushes with water until clean. It is really sturdy and the easiest thing to use. I passed mine on to my friend who really wanted it. The reason being is that there are a million others that are the same thing. The one that I have now is a $1 from online.
I was lucky to get this as a gift from a family member and while it is really effective at helping clean brushes the exact same product can be bought at other places for $1-$2.80 etc. I squirt a brush gel cleaner onto the "mitt" and add a little water and gently swipe my brush back and forth to dislodge the makeup from it. It can take a while as you'll need to rinse the dirty mitt off and repeat the process a few times but this is good for smaller brushes. Larger brushes would benefit from larger wash boards. While this board can clean makeup puffs I would be gentle with it as it can rip the puff if you rub it too hard.