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NIVEA In-Shower Rich Body Lotion is a moisturising in-shower conditioner for very dry skin. The lotion is to be applied under the shower and is activated by water, immediately absorbs into the skin, leaving a nourishing and caring coating on the skin’s surface to give skin the moisture it needs. The formula contains rich nourishing almond oil to provide long-lasting moisturisation. 


NIVEA In-Shower Rich Body Lotion


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This has been my go to body moisturiser in summer since it was released. I love it, I've been living in SE Queensland so it's hydrating without being sticky and in hot weather who wants to feel like you need another shower after you've just had a shower! I've now moved back to a more temperate climate so with less humidity I'll see how I go but I really have loved this product over the years.
I tried this product out of curiosity and i thought i would absolutely be a time saver. Since i bought the product, i have only ever used it once. The product smells pretty generic like any skin lotion or cream and is very easy to apply on the skin in the shower. It is certainly very moisturising as well. However, it leaves the shower floor extremely slippery and this is definitely a hazard.
I used this Nivea In-Shower RICH body lotion and also the regular one (In-Shower Smooth Body lotion). I would definitely not purchase again due to inconvenience. In all aspects this and the other one are similar, only that this is a creamier and even richer. Which means that this exacerbate the problem of in-shower lotion. It has a clever marketing and it is supposed to be used in the shower to save time.  The idea is that the lotion can be applied immediately after shower and to be rinsed off.  I applied it and I found that it leaves a sticky film on my body (which was fine because it's supposed to be a leave-on), but the major problem is that it also sticks to the bathroom floor which makes the area slippery and quite dangerous.  when I read the packaging carefully the fine prints recommended that the shower area be wiped down after use to avoid slipping- huh? WHAT?  If I can afford the time to wipe down the whole shower after using the product, I would have the time to apply body lotion out of the shower. Overall, very unimpressed and not a happy customer.
After a long day the last thing you feel like doing is moisturizing your skin so this is a blessing on those days where you are feeling lazy. Super creamy and applies well. I always apply it while my conditioner is in my hair and leave it for a few minutes before washing off.
I'm awful at remembering to moisturise my body daily so picked this up at the start of winter in the hopes it would help. I was skeptical at first but after a couple of uses I really began to see the benefit of this product. It's a lovely creamy moisturiser with no strong discernible odour, you rub it on in the shower and let it soak in a bit and then simply rinse off. Its amazing to me how much this manages to hydrate my skin when usually showers dehydrate my skin considerably and for at least a day afterwards my skin feels soft and supple. It's a fool-proof highly beneficial product, my only nite would be to make the bottles more manageable for wet hands!
I have dry skin and it tends to get extra-dry in winters, hence I always try to keep my skin moisturised especially around this time of the year. After loving the Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion I decided to give this in-shower body lotion a try as this product claims to nourish the skin for good 24 hours and also states that you won’t need to apply your body moisturiser after shower. This claim really appealed to me and made me buy this product and I thought it will take away all the hassle of applying the moisturizer after shower which gets bit difficult in winters. After rinsing off my body wash I applied this in-shower body lotion all over the body focusing on the dry areas and then rinsed it off. The first thing that gets noticed is the scent, it has the typical Nivea scent which I like and it also lingers for a while. The next thing that I observed after rinsing it off was it made my skin feel soft but at the same time it left slippery/greasy feeling on the skin which I could only get rid of by using a towel. So now coming to the claims of this product that you won’t need a body moisturiser after shower – I would say my skin was left feeling soft and smooth once I was out of the shower but after an hour or so I felt the need of a body moisturizer as my skin felt dry & tight and also definitely it did not live up to the 24 hour moisture claim. So overall I feel if you have super dry skin then it doesn’t seem to work effectively and you have to follow it up with a moisturiser after shower to lock in the moisture. Hence, I feel this product might work well for someone with normal to slightly dry skin type. 
I do not have time to work my moistiriser into my skin, nor do I have time for it to dry. Fortunately with the Nivea In Shower Rich Body Lotion, I no longer have to wait. This really is perfect for those that just can't be bothered, as it is so quick to apply in the shower and it really does work! If only it came in a more convenient pump bottle and didn't leave the shower dloor slippery, I would have rated it 5 stars. All in all, this has been a dream come true for me.
I had big expectations for this product that promises great hydration for hours after showering. Unfortunately I found that after application in the shower, the recommended quick rinse-off removed most traces of the cream & it’s intended moisturing efforts. The bottle was not really shower friendly and the cream made most surfaces quite slippery. However, despite the negatives, it had a pleasant smell and (whilst not intended as a body wash) was adequate at gentle cleansing. I generally have quite dry skin so this product may work for others with more hydrated skin, however don’t recommend when looking for an alternative to after-shower moisturisers.
Firstly, this product is a lazy girl's (ie. me) dream come true!  I bought this product initially because I'm a sucker for advertisements and this ad in particular promised me the world. Did it deliver? Absolutely! I suffer from dry, flakey skin when I forget (am too lazy) to moisturise so the fact that I could apply this product to my skin in the shower was a game changer for me. After I've applied and rinsed it off, my skin is left so incredibly soft and hydrated without it feeling sticky. I also found that it works even better when I'm not being lazy and apply a thin layer of the Vaseline Intensive Care - Aloe Soothe lotion on top of it. The product itself is fairly thick which can be hard to squeeze out of the bottle at times and can leave the shower very slippery so it's important to clean up any residue on the shower floor to avoid doing the Bambi on ice slide.  PROS: - Incredibly convenient - Effective; leaves the skin super soft and hydrated - Doesn't leave a greasy or sticky feel  - Can dress as soon as you step out of the shower - No overpowering scent CONS: - Inconvenient packaging; should be a pump bottle instead of squeeze bottle - Can make shower very slippery I've been using this product for almost two years and will continue to recommend it to anyone that will listen!
This is a new kind of moisturiser on the market that allows you to moisturise while in the shower.  I liked the idea of an in shower moisturiser; this saves time, is efficient and won’t leave a sticky residue like after shower moisturisers do.  After trying out a few times, I would give it an average rating as it isn't amazing but it isn't terrible.  The product does make your skin feel soft straight after applying, but once stepping out and drying, I didn't feel as moisturised as I thought I would.  The product is a bit hard to come out of the packaging and I definitely recommend testing out the floor of the shower for any residue that may cause slips.  I will probably use this as a first layer of moisturiser but will need to put more on after my shower, especially in winter. 
Nivea In Shower Rich Body Lotion is one of my favourite body moisturisers. Nivea have designed an innovative product that's ideal for anyone who is too time-poor (or lazy!) to do body moisturising post shower. And I'm guessing that is one big demographic! The Body Lotion comes in a sturdy 400ml size plastic bottle that has a solid base & stands upright easily in the shower. The design also prevents water splashing into the product, and keeps the product pure & fresh.  I consider the $8 price tag excellent value for such a big size bottle. It's used post shower gel/body scrub, as the final stage in the shower - I like to apply mine when I've put my hair conditioner on, as it does take a couple of minutes to properly apply all over.  The lotion is white, moderately thick, and easy to dispense through the flip nozzle lid. It has a pleasant 'Nivea' scent. I make sure that where I'm applying isn't directly under running water (or else it washes off way too quick). Usually I start on my arms & shoulders & work my way down, rinsing off top parts as I move towards my feet. It rinses off really easily, and doesn't make the floor of the shower sticky or greasy.  When I hop out, I notice my skin feels wonderfully soft, and I can get dressed immediately - an amazing time saver on busy mornings where I may have skipped body moisturiser otherwise. Highly recommend this is a wonderfully innovative, time-saving, affordable product - every shower should have one!
I do absolutely love this product as it is so easy to use while just in the shower.  Once you have finished showering, I just stand aside and flip the lid off the container and apply the thick, white cream all over my body using a washer.  It feels beautiful and light and then I just rinse off in the shower.  Just be wary of not moving too much while rinsing off, as the floor can get a little slippery depending on what tiles you have.  Once finished, I just step out of the shower, pat dry and my skin feels so nourished, hydrated and soft.  Get dressed and out the door I go. My only hate of this product is the container.  It makes it hard to use in the shower after flipping the flip top open, you have to turn over the bottle and squirt out the cream onto your hand to apply.  With wet hands, the bottle slips out of your hands and hits the ground hard, breaking the lid of course.  I solved the problem by putting the cream into a pump container that I had rinsed out from some other product and it works well in the shower.  I also emailed Nivea my suggestion but I still buy it in the silly container to date.  For me, this is a winning product but the container lets the product down big time. 
I always suffer from dry skin and do not have much time to moisturise my body, so it looks like this product is perfect for me. It has nice easy to use packing. The lotion has pleasant smell thick consistency, like rich lotion which is easy to apply (as runny easily fall out upon application). It applied smoothly on my body and also rinsed off easily leaving my skin soft and hydrated. I did not feel any sticky feeling on my skin after using it as some people experienced, may be it depend on your skin type. For me it is perfect body lotion and must have product. Even after one or two days after using this body lotion my skin still felt hydrated and soft . I am very happy with this product and used on my two years old daughter when she had dry skin. Her skin was also felt soft and hydrated even dryness had gone.  The only negative of this product is that it make your bath slippery so be care full when you use this lotion (specially pregnant women). I bought it when Coles had 50% off on it, but now I regret why I pick only one bottle.   I highly recommend this lotion for every one specially those who have dry or very dry skin.
I was fortunate enough to win the NIVEA In-Shower Rich Body Lotion from Beauty Crew. Having been dubious about in-shower body moisturisers I hadn’t been swayed to purchase one before. I mean, moisturising in the shower? With the water washing it off? How could this be? I was not convinced. Oh, Nivea how you have converted me. Where the heck has this product been all my life? I use this product a couple of times a week. It has a pleasant somewhat ‘powdery’ scent traditional of Nivea products. It comes out white, and is creamy in consistency. I use a 10 cent piece size for each arm and leg. The product says to apply after your usual shower gel, to your wet skin then to quickly rinse off. It also warns to be careful of slipping on the shower floor- heed this warning, product can be quite slippery on the wet tiles. At first I expected the cream to foam up, like traditional body washes, but had to remind myself this was a moisturiser. After applying the cream, and washing it off, you’re all done. Stepping out of the shower and drying off and Hey presto! Skin is significantly softer and smooth. The moisturiser doesn’t leave any oily residue and you can get dressed straight away. I am so happy to have received the NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion because I wouldn’t have considered purchasing it otherwise. Definitely give it 5 stars and I recommend it to anyone who’ll listen! It takes away the added step of moisturising after you get out of the shower and effectively works to leave your skin supple and smooth. Will be purchasing another bottle of this once this one starts to get low and I’ve seen it for sale at most chemists as well as department stores like Big W and Kmart. Hot tip!: Using this product on your underarms will soften the skin, which is so important with the constant aerosols and shaving, I’ve found it reduces ingrown hairs and makes shaving easier!
I rate this product highly, not because it's better than other moisturisers, but because it's such a convenient way to moisturise and it's so cheap.  I often skip moisturising when I get out of the shower because I'm so cold, or because I'm plain lazy to add another step.  I was sceptical at first, but it does exactly what it says.  You rub in on like a normal moisturiser while in the shower, then give yourself a bit of a rinse off before shutting the water off.  It's not greasy and doesn't seem to leave any residue.  I'm moisturised and ready to get dressed straight away!  Only thing to be careful about is common sense, make sure the area you are applying it to is out of the running shower water, you have to rub it in first!
This is a lazy/time poor persons way of cleaning and moisturising, and I like it! I love using this in Winter as it saves me having to stand in the cold while trying to moisturise myself without catching a cold! Being able to just jump out of the shower and dry myself is awesome! The moisturiser feels and smells nice, and is quickly absorbed into the skin, Your skin does feel moisturised even after you have wiped yourself down. However, if you do have some super dry skin like on your knees, hands or even legs, you may need to do a bit of a top up with additional moisturiser and this is not powerful least not for my flakey, scaly skin!
This is a truly innovative product that has taken away every excuse I had not to moisturise in winter . Standing around a cold bathroom  applying equally cold moisturiser just does not appeal so I tend to skip it and go straight for the towel and dry clothes. With this fantastic  product you can get soft,hydrated skin right in the comfort of your warm shower! You just use your usual shower gel/soap/wash, rinse it off ,then apply this all over and rinse again. There is no wait on absorption .  No oily or sticky residue. Just smooth and moisturised skin. So simple! The scent is mild and pleasant and doesnt linger around long after drying. The only complaint  I have is the packaging . This product is a creamy lotion  consistency and can be hard to dispense,especially  when product gets low.  Could also use a bit of grip around the bottle to stop it slipping  out of hands in the shower. All minor faults however for such a genius product. I'd  recommend  this for anyone who hates standing around applying moisturiser  in the cold after showering  or people who simply have limited time (aka busy mums!) but still  want hydrated skin. Quick,easy,affordable  and no sticky residue.  
An absolutely fantastic idea, but the packaging seriously lets the product down.  It does do what it says - it moisturises you while you're in the shower which is a huge bonus in winter time (no more standing around in the cold bathroom rubbing moisturiser in), it saves time, it left my skin moisturised and softly scented, and it's very affordable.  The lotion is quick thick but easy to apply, and I find that because I'm washing the moisturiser off rather than rubbing it in, I applied it to more parts of my body.  However this meant that I used what is quite a large bottle up very quickly.  And it was a bit tricky to use.  The flip top lid means it's difficult to dispense the product so I ended up taking the whole lid off, squeezing the moisturiser out really easily, very carefully placing the open tube on the floor of the shower, and repeating two or three times until all moisturised.  However you have to be careful as the moisturiser makes your hands very slippery so make sure the whole bottle doesn't go flying.  It also makes the bottom of the shower very slippery.  This would become a regular in my shower if they changed the packaging to a pump pack, or you could dispense the product easier.
Anything i can use in the shower is great as far as i'm concerned.....time saving,mess saving,no mucking around after,it's fantastic,so when this came out,i had to try it.Whilst i did like it (i felt very moisturised and supple after use),i found it extremely hard to use...the bottle isn't user friendly,and the product doesn't come out easily at all (i know this is rich,but i tried for ages to deliver a decent amount of this...i gave up).For this reason,i deducted a star. As a moisturiser though,it feels beautiful,smells soothingly Nivea and it saves so much even seem to slip into your clothes easier afterwards.As it is a huge bottle (400ml) ,you really can apply this lavishly every day (perfect for the winter cold and the after sun pampering in summer).TIP:Are you in a REAL  hurry ? Apply this as your facial moisturiser in the shower and wash off as you do your body with feels lovely and leaves your face ready instantly for makeup (No absorbing required.This tip is only for emergency use only ladies).Also,as you are in a hurry,be careful in the shower with leaves the tiles super slippery.
I really like the Nivea in shower lotion, it is really nourishing for my skin. The lotion is thick and rich and easy to apply, with a nice mild scent like vanilla. I found the lotion absorbed into my skin really well and you can rinse it off straight away. It doesn't leave an oily/sticky residue on your skin or your clothes which is great for Summer when you sweat. My skin has really improved after I started using this lotion, it has become smoother and softer and more supple, which is great for Winter when you need that extra hydration. This is an excellent product for people like me who hates the inconvenient of having to apply moisturiser after you get out of the shower and saves you time. The only con is the bottle which is hard to handle in the shower when your hands are wet and slippery.