NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure Aero

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NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure Aero is an antiperspirant deodorant spray that protects against sweating and odour for 48 hours. The deodorant leaves no white marks on skin or clothing, protecting against yellow stains on white clothes and white marks on black clothes. The formula has a delicate ‘Pure’ floral fragrance. Free from alcohol and colourants.

Price above is for 150mL. Also available in 250mL.


NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure Aero


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I'm not a fan of spray deodorants as I haven't found them to be as successful. But this one changed my mind. There's no residue on clothes which is an absolute bonus and the doederant actually works. I'm now a convert!
Fresh as a Daisy baby ! I love this deodorant. I like to smell,fresh and clean and confident and this product delivers. I like the packaging its plain and tells it how it is. I love the no white marks on black clothing promise and really for the price its all I want.
This smells really nice and clean. It also do not leave white marks on my skin or on my clothes. I am a very sweaty person and it really last quite long time. I really like this deodorant.
This product is great at not leaving white powdery marks, but I don't feel as though it gives me great protection.
I feel like I get better protection without all the effort when I use the Nivea Invisible Black and White deodorant. At times other brands have caused a rash in my armpits, which is no fun at all. But the Nivea Invisible Black and White deodorant works amazingly well to control unwanted sweat. This is a very affordable product that applies lightly  under my arms and has seen me through some extremely hot summers.  The Nivea Invisible Black and White deodorant leaves no residue, unlike many other supermarket brands I have used. I love the subtle clean fragrance while the spray applicator releases just enough product to keep me protected the whole day through.  
No will it won't it with this product.. it works. Don't second guess
The only deodorant I use! Gone are those embarrassing moments when you look down at the t-shirt or dress you've just pulled on over your  to find lines of white deodorant across the front, or those very unflattering and distracting deodorant marks underarm. I use NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure Aero because it is an extremely effective anti-perspiratant and because it gives me upmost confidence.
This product just WORKS - it does exactly as it says - it leaves no marks whatsoever on clothing and lasts. The only con to this product is the smell, I find it just doesn't agree with me and doesn't compliment me very well, but the product works so well that it is forgiven.
This does very well in stopping those white marks but I don't find it protects against perspiration all that well. I like to keep this one for occasional use. The fragrance is pleasant at least!
Finally a deodorant that doesn't ruin my dark clothes with unsightly white marks! This deodorant ticks all the boxes - cheap, smells good, keeps me fresh and doesn't leave marks on my clothes. This is a must-have product for any girl!
I do not understand why anti white-marking technology isn't standard in ALL deodorants. Well, until it is, I'll stick with this foolproof formula, complete with fresh scent.
This product does not fail! It seriously leaves no marks and gives great all day protection. It's a miracle in a can.
This deodorant does exactly what it promises, and definitely does not leave white marks. It's my go-to deo for a LBD and also smells really pretty.