NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Fresh Aerosol Deodorant

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NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Fresh Aerosol Deodorant is an anti-stain deodorant spray for women that works to protect against odour and perspiration for up to 48 hours. The deodorant has been developed with innovative technology that protects white fabrics from yellow stains and dark fabrics from white marks. The fresh-scented spray features notes of bergamot, white tea and sandalwood.


NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Fresh Aerosol Deodorant


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I wear a lot of white, black and grey so it is important to me that my deodorant does not leave any marks on my clothing.  I usually use a roll-on deodorant but the store was out of stock so I bought an aerosol can because I like Nivea products.   The deodorant is packaged in an aerosol can as the name suggests with one of those wide press down type spray tops.   The deodorant sprays evenly.   The Nivea Invisible for Black &White Fresh Aerosol Deodorant has a pleasant, fresh, light fragrance, and although the product doesn’t cause my skin any irritation the spray makes me cough. I prefer roll-on deodorants over sprays because of this reason but this is just me and the spray probably isn’t a problem for most people.   I am confident when wearing this deodorant that I have at least 24-hour protection – the time between my showers and when I reapply the deodorant.  The can indicates that protection lasts for 48 hours but I’m not prepared to test this out because I shower every day.  I don’t have a problem with perspiration and this product was effective enough to get me through the day.   I have not experienced any staining or yellowing on my clothes, nor has the deodorant left any white marks on my clothes, so I would say this deodorant has lived up to its claims.  
I found this deodorant okay, it works as an antiperspirant for me and does prevent the yellowing as much on white tops and white marks on black. However although the scent isn't strong once in I found when I was spraying it it would engulf my bathroom and I was quite adverse to the mist in the air, I've since found a different product where I don't feel like running away after spraying it. It's good value if you aren't sensitive as I found, and is often on sale.
This is a great product for keeping my white clothes from yellowing and stops those nasty white powdery marks on black clothes. Its really effective and it does what it claims to do. It stops odour and wetness all day and I find it super effective. I also tend to have sensitive skin and finds some deodrants irritate, thankfully this one does not, its really gentle yet effective and I love the bonus of clothes not being stained. I have been using this product for ages and could not go without it. The scent is not overpowering so wont clash with my perfume and its great value for money. Whats not to love, great product, highly recommend it.
NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Fresh Aerosol Deodorant Is one of my yo favourite aresol deodorants, it has a subtle scent, which doesn't alert the whole office when I feel a tad on the smelly side. They offer great value for money and are often on special which makes it a staple of my trolley.
I have tried a few different deodorants that claim to leave no marks finding they're empty promises. This product delivers on the promise, it really is invisible on both black and the white fabric. It is on the smaller side for these type of antiperspirant spray deodorants but it is actually convenient for me as I tend to carry it around in my bags on in toiletry bag. The spray top has a lock in place system to stop it spraying by accident. I love the scent as it is floral but bright and not too strong. It worked quite well on the antiperspirant front and almost perfectly for the deodorant. I do note that it did not quite go the 48 hours but did go 24 hours. I recommend this for anyone like me who likes a one spray a day job and has a regular type day with out too much physical exercise. It may be great for that too, but as I am not exercising more than a half hour walk at the moment I can not say how it went.
I was quite disappointed by this deodorant. As  you can see on the bottle, it clearly states antiperspirant.  This is definitely a false advertisement as it has absolutely not antiperspirant effect at all and i definitely do not sweat heavily. The overall scent is sweet and not too overwhelming however, so i do think perhaps it does serve better as a deodorant. I tried the product a few times before i gave up. Do note that if you apply moderate amount, there will be a white powdery residue and won't be invisible.