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NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Fresh Roll-On Deodorant is a roll-on anti-stain deodorant for women that works to provide 48 hours of protection against odour and perspiration. The long-lasting deodorant is formulated to protect clothes against yellow stains on white fabrics and white marks on dark fabrics, and is scented with notes of bergamot, white tea and sandalwood.


NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Fresh Roll-On Deodorant


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Afforable and reliable

This is a decent deodorant with a fresh unisex scent. It goes on a little bit wet so you'll need to wait a minute or two before putting your top on.It works well enough for a sweaty gym session and does not stain clothing. My husband used this when he ran out of his deodorant. He has sensitive skin and finds that sometimes he can start itching, but there is also a sensitive skin version which will suit sensitive skin better.
With Summer in Queensland most certainly on the way it's essential to have a good deodorant. Not only do I want one that looks after me, but I also want one that looks after my clothes.  Those unsightly marks that often show up on white and black outfits especially are a nightmare.  Nivea has solved the problem with their Invisible for Black and White anti-perspirant.  This product will keep you smelling fresh while at the same time not leaving marks on your clothing. This is a 48 hour formula which is so awesome if you happen to be taking a long haul flight.  I personally have not tried out the 48 hour test, as its force of habit for me to apply more after my daily shower.   This products comes in a 50 ml roll-on which is my preferred deodorant type.  It is a solid clear glass bottle with the plastic screw on cap to protect the plastic roll on ball.  I like the fact the bottle is clear so that I can see how much product is left with a simple glance. The deodorant itself is clear and smells amazing. It's not overpowering so it will not compete with any scented body lotion or perfume you may wish to wear.
I use this Nivea Roll on each day and it doesn't let me down. It doesn't feel at all sticky, the scent is really nice and light and best of all it doesn't stain your black or white clothes. Perfect for every day use and doesn't irritate my skin either.
A nice deodorant which leaves me feeling fresh. The smell is not overpowering so I can still use my favorite perfume without the smells mixing.  My only objection is that the bottle leaks if its not kept upright. I don't know if I have a faulty bottle or if its a design flaw but I have to store it upright in my make up drawer and can't take it with me in my handbag which is disappointing. 
This is a wonderful deodorant and anti perspirant as it keeps my underarms dry while also smelling great the whole day.  I also don't have to worry about it staining my clothes as it goes on clear and dries fairly quickly.  It's a roll on and it can feel a bit wet at first but then it quickly dries so you won't be left with that wet feeling.  It has a wonderful scent that's clean and fresh without being strong so I can feel safe knowing I'll smell good throughout the day.  I wouldn't say it lasts 48 hours but it does last awhile.  It works well on the hot, humid days when I know I'm going to be sweating and need something that will work hard.  I've already purchased it several times and it's the one I use the most.
I find this deodorant extremely dependable and I know when I use this I will be given deodorant and anti-perspirant protection and my clothes will also be protected from stains and marks.  This really is an invisible deodorant. I love the scent of this - it has a soft, fresh and sweet scent which is delicate enough not to be overpowering but strong enough to do the job.  The formula comes in a glass 50ml roll on bottle.  I find it kind of cute!   The pale green screw-on lid makes it easy to identify it from the other fragrances in this Invisible range.  They all have different coloured lids to match their fragrance.   This rolls on 'clear' onto the skin and stays clear - I love that!  I also love that it lasts for 48 hours so I don't need to apply this every day - just a couple times a week is sufficient for me.
What else can you say about a deodorant except that you hope it does its job and protects against odour and perspiration.  Well, I wear a lot of white, black and grey so it is important to me that my deodorant does not leave any marks on my clothing.   The Invisible for Black & White Fresh roll-on deodorant is packaged in a clear glass bottle with pale green, black and white labelling and a pale green screw-on dome shaped lid.  The glass makes it easy to see how much deodorant is left in the bottle.   This deodorant has a pleasant, fresh, light fragrance and it does not cause me any irritation.  I prefer roll-on deodorants over sprays and I’m prepared to wait a little longer for the deodorant to dry, but this deodorant is quick drying.   I am confident when wearing this deodorant that I have 24-hour protection – the time between my showers and when I reapply the deodorant.  I don’t have a problem with perspiration and this product is effective enough to get me through the day.  I certainly won't be testing out the claims of 48-hours of protection from odour and perspiration.   I have not experienced any staining or yellowing on my clothes, nor has the deodorant left any white marks on my clothes, so I would say this deodorant has lived up to its claims, and is a deodorant I am happy to recommend.      This deodorant is so reasonable but theadded bonus is that it is often offered at a reduced price. 
I have been using this deodorant for several months now and I'm very pleased as I haven't been so lucky with some of Niveas other deodorants.  I wanted something that would keep me dry and smelling great without leaving any white marks on my clothes.  I normally like to use aerosol deodorants but I didn't mind using a roll on.  It had a nice, light scent and the product was easy to use.  I had to just roll the deodorant around my underarms and I was done.  As with most roll ons, it did leave my underarms feeling a bit wet at first but after several minutes it was dry.  Putting on my clothes and taking them off always meant that I would end up with deodorant marks on my clothes which were always a pain to remove! Thankfully I had no issues with any residue marks on my clothes.  It kept me feeling and smelling fresh throughout the whole day and it didn't cause any irritation!
An essential product that we all buy and use daily and its actually a big deal. It has to work, it needs to be easy to use, low scent, non-irritating and not stain your clothing. Nivea has wrapped up all these needs and promises up in a neat little roll on that does exactly what it promises. I have not tested the product for 48 hours but it certainly sees me through long working days and dinner out keeping me fresh and dry. Its a great size and fits in my handbag and desk drawer and is perfect for airline travel as its not aerosol. I have several on the go at once so I can freshen up when required and knowing my clothing won't be marked is a big relief. I love reliable budget products that just make my busy day to day life easy!
Nivea Invisible Black & White Clear, Roll-on deodorant Is my favourite and go to roll on deodorant, I buy them in bulk when they come on sale. The shop attendants must think I have a problem.. They offer great value for money, are easy enough to transport, though pick it up for half price and it's cheap enough to have one at work, in the bathroom and in the car. To ensure you are never without. Having the shorter clear glass container makes it easier to establish when truely running low. It doesn't put marks on clothes and has a muted scent.
This deodorant actually does what the name suggests - the product does not leave marks on black and white clothing. I use this product whenever I have job interviews or important meetings because knowing my armpits aren't stained boosts my confidence level 100%. I don't use this product everyday because I like to have some scent in my deodorant, I generally just alternate between different deodorants throughout the week.
Not the most exciting of products, but one of those dependable life essentials that we all need and rely on daily!! This deodorant has been one of my staples for years, simply because it delivers on what it promises: - keeps BO at bay, and has a fresh, clean scent in convenient roll on packaging. It is perfect for travel and I haven’t experienced it leaking! - It is at the bargain price of $3.79 - which is cheaper than the cost of my double shot soy latte!!!! - It protects my wardrobe! Keeping my whites white (no nasty yellow deoderant stains) or chalky white marks on my classic LBDs! You need this in your life, so you don’t have to stress (or sweat!) over the small stuff! 
This is a nice, simple deodorant. I like that it is roll on, and the formula is designed so that it doesn't leave any stains on black/white clothing which I think is wonderful. The scent isn't anything too overpowering, and formula is gentle which is great for my sensitive skin.