NIVEA Lip Butter Coconut

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NIVEA Lip Butter Coconut is a lip balm with a coconut scent. The balm delivers 12 hours of intensive moisture and long-lasting care to lips. The formula is enriched with shea butter and almond oil to moisturise and protect lips from drying out.


NIVEA Lip Butter Coconut


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I love having smooth, nourished lips and find myself constantly trying new lip balms and conditioners. I was intrigued in the Nivea lip butter because I, like many others, am obsessed with anything coconut. The cute little tin fits easily in a pocket or handbag compartment and the product is a white and creamy consistency with an alluring coconut scent. I take this little baby with me everywhere I go! Pro's *Tempting real coconut scent *Cute and practical packaging *Lasts a good half-day on my lips *Does what it claims by keeping my lips moisturised *Although the tin looks small, the product lasts a while Con's *Not really a problem, but if you live in a hotter climate like myself, the product will slightly liquify. Not as much as natural coconut oil does, but to a moderate extent. Just be careful when you're opening the tin, and use slightly less. Overall, I am very happy with this lip balm and would definitely recommend. 
This is a really great lip balm - it's extremely hydrating, goes on smooth and lasts for hours! The coconut scent is lovely and the packing is sleek and handy for travel or putting in your handbag!
I love Nivea lip balms and this one is no exception! Even though I have an over supply of chapsticks and balms I had to try this one because of the coconut flavour! It smells like real coconuts and it feels amazing! It glides on really easily and straight away you can feel it hydrating and moisturising your lips - a must during these cold months. I don't think it has 12 hours wear as the description states but I don't think any balm does. I found it only needs a few reapplications throughout the day so it's a winner for me.  Pros - Price is good, only $4-5 for 16g and the tub lasts a while, even with frequent reapplications  - smells like real coconuts  - hydrates and nourishes lips, mine haven't cracked or dried since wearing it  - the packaging - I love how it's in a little tin container, it's really practical and looks cute  - long wear (not 12 hours though, I'd say maybe 8 hours depending on your activity throughout the day) Cons - NONE! In short I would recommend this to everyone as I assume nobody wants cracked or dried lips :) It's a really nice balm that smells delicious and has kept my lips soft and smooth during Winter!
This product is a fantastic lip balm for those who have chapped lips and love coconut. Super nourishing and hydrating, it keeps my lips soft and supple for a few hours a at time. It requires re-applciation throughout the day, as is expected with any lip balm. However, it smells and tastes like coconut which is lovely as I feel like I'm being transported to a tropical island overtime I use this product. For $4.99 I would definitely recommend this lip balm. It is also very easy to buy - available from most chemists and supermarkets around the courtly.