NIVEA Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

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NIVEA Lip Butter Raspberry Rose is a lip balm with a raspberry rose scent. The balm delivers 12 hours of intensive moisture and long-lasting care to lips. The formula is enriched with shea butter and almond oil to moisturise and protect lips from drying out.


NIVEA Lip Butter Raspberry Rose


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These Nivea Raspberry tins smell so deliciously sweet and fruity! I preferred it a lot more over the other Coconut flavour. The formula is very buttery and soft, and melts onto the lips. Provides a nice amount of shine while moisturising the lips so that they're soft and supple when worn off. It's a thin, lightweight consistency on the lips with really nice slip, but because of that it doesn't last long and needs frequent reapplication. I don't mind it though, as it's such a pleasure to use. (*No tint to the lips)
I am a huge fan of deliciously smelling products which is probably why I love this lip butter so much.  It smells just like raspberries with a creaminess to it that almost makes you want to eat it.  The packaging itself is very nice with the pink tin and the raspberries on it.  The lip butter is a light pink colour which adds a nice tint to your lips.  In the quest for soft, smooth and hydrated lips this does the job.  I am forever suffering from dry, chapped lips so I am constantly using a lip balm and carry one with me at all times.  The great thing about this lip butter is how moisturising it is.  It coats your lips with shea butter and almond oil for nourishment (without any stickiness) while also protecting your lips from the environment.   Pros: -Sweet and fruity scent -Ultra moisturising  -Goes on smoothly -Provides long lasting hydration -Adds a nice pink sheen to your lips -Very inexpensive  -Great for travelling and keeping in your handbag Cons:  -A tin tends to be less hygienic and obviously involves using your fingers.  It would be better if it came in a tube!
Can I say a lip balm is delicious?  This one is a pure delirious pleasure to use. It comes in an adorable little tin which is flat so it fits easily in my bag and I can find it quickly when I'm searching for it. It smells like sweet yummy raspberries and is not artificial or bitter tasting like some flavoured lip balms can be.  I apply this in the mornings and I'm all set for the day and it lasts through coffees, waters and food. It's a nice hydrating lip balm and I like using my clean fingers to apply it generously all over my lips. Some people may not like the fact that you have to use your fingers to apply, but I like this aspect because then I know I'm applying it to the places I need it the most! I recommend this lip balm because it looks great, smells delicious and works to keep my lips soft and supple. 
I have SO many good things to say about this lip butter. Firstly, it smells divine. Good enough to eat! I have to stop myself from licking my lips. Secondly, it's ultra hydrating and nourishing. It leaves my lips so soft and lasts for hours! It's like a layer of protection and I can feel it melt into my lips and the feeling lasts. For this reason, I love to slather it onto my lips before bed and I wake up with soft, plump lips. It does come in a tin so make sure you have clean hands before applying. I sometimes struggle with opening lip balms in tins but this one has been no trouble at all. I will definitely be repurchasing!
I love this! It's smooth, creamy and melts into my lips like butter. This little tin of heaven is a constant beauty favourite for me. Perfect for moisturising and nourishing lips overnight or prepping your pout prior to lipstick application, this gorgeous smelling lip butter is very handy, and is perfect for popping into your gym bag for after a workout!
Hands down one of my favourite lip balms! The formula is super moisturising and the scent is amazing! I apply this lip balm at night and in the morning, and I feel like this helps my lips stay soft and hydrated during day. My only wish is that it also came in a tube. Highly recommend!
Some of the best lip balm on the market! great smooth and easy application that lats a great amount of time. Smells great to!