NIVEA MEN Cool Kick Shower Gel

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NIVEA MEN Cool Kick Shower Gel is a men’s shower gel for body, face and hair. The hydrating formula delivers long-lasting freshness with a cooling finish. Skin and hair is left feeling revitalised and cared for.


NIVEA MEN Cool Kick Shower Gel


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OK,so this isn't aimed at us girls,but who doesn't love feeling like they've showered under a waterfall ? Seriously,THAT is what this feels like.I picked this up on a recent holiday,where hot,humid and sweaty was the feeling all day and night,so to refresh a little,i saw this and gave it a try.It feels cool the minute you wash with a fan blowing through ice,and the scent was as fresh as the ocean outside our room (masculine,clean,oceanic) it lathers beautifully and leaves you feeling both soft AND super refreshed.My hubby also used it,and he demanded to have it all the time from then on (Ok,sure.Bonus,i love it too).For travel,this is product,two sexes,three uses (face,body,hair).Now,this is a must have for summer,but what about winter ? This is just the "kick out of bed" you need to start your day during these cooler months (after having the house all warm and toasty,who wants to get up ?) or the perfect adrenaline extender after your workout.TIP:Traveling ?This is a perfect multitasker,meaning you don't have to lug around heavy bottles of products.As well as the above mentioned uses,if you have no access to a laundry (yeah,it happens) try using this as a makeshift laundry liquid to handwash with (clean clothes that don't smell like you have slept in them for the entire trip).