NIVEA Pure & Natural Refreshing Facial Wipes

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NIVEA Pure & Natural Refreshing Facial Wipes are cleansing wipes that effectively yet gently cleanse the skin and remove makeup while providing the skin with refreshing hydration. The formula contains 95 per cent natural ingredients, including organic aloe vera and argan oil to leave skin feeling soft and looking radiant. Suitable for sensitive eyes. Free from silicones, colourants, mineral oils and alcohol. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


NIVEA Pure & Natural Refreshing Facial Wipes


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These wipes are a staple in my hand bag and my travel bag they are effective and so easy to use. When travelling internationally you don't have to worry about carrying liquids in your onboard luggage. The wipes are a 2 in1 product. Stale tired makeup is removed quickly leaving a fresh face and a clean slate to reapply makeup or just pop off to sleep, knowing that your doing the best for your skin. These wipes cater for sensitive eyes and I had no reaction from them at all.  Wipes are expensive and not particularly easy to dispose of but they serve a purpose and are a great product to have on stand by.
These are my favourite wipes, they refresh, are a great size, thickness is good too! I also like how my face is not tight after use. I will always go out of my way to get a stash of these in case I cannot find them. They might cost a bit more than most on the market but they are worth it
I bought these when I was away on a trip, and now keep them for when I travel. Great compromise for those times when you can't do a full cleanse, tone and moisturise. The scent is pleasant, the wipes are strong enough to survive removing eye makeup, but don't sting or irritate. I have quite sensitive, combination skin, and these leave it feeling clean but not too dry. The wipes keep well in the dispenser and don't dry out. They're easy to pack and economical too. I recommend them for anyone with sensitive skin that may not be able to use brands with stronger cleansers.
At the end of a long day they are quick and easy and get the basic clean, I especially have found them useful for travelling due to being compact and easy to transport. The fabric is soft and gentle on sensitive skin. Aroma is pleasantly fresh and the formula is moisturizing. Unlike some other wipes these stay moist in the packet, right to the very end. I found that for a deeper thorough clean or to remove heavy makeup it is best to use a proper cleanser as they become not so effective. But be aware too this product is not very environmentally friendly, so its not suitable for those who are eco-conscious.
I use these wipes to get makeup off after a long day and find them really effective.  They do the job and exfoliate a little as the texture of the cloth is a little rough.  I do think it needs to be followed by cleanser or at least rinsed with water to get the residue off.
These face wipes are not fantastic but they aren't terrible either. They have a slight coarse texture which if you use every night or frequently does irritate by skin and the chemicals in the wipes then burn my skin. They also don't take all of your makeup off. Definitely requires another type of cleanser afterwards. But to use after a night out once every now and then they suffice!
What I like about this product is that the wipes are thick and don't disintegrate easily. They get my make up off quite effortlessly albeit with a few wipes, but don't irritate my skin even when I try to get off heavy eye make up and foundation. Sometimes I'll pour some micellar water on a make up round and wipe my face again but there's nothing left on my face! The smell is lovely too!
My favourite facial wipes!  Firstly they are generously sized so one wipe will generally do the whole face and eye area.  Secondly they are nice and moist so you can gently remove and wipe off your make up without having to rub your skin.  Subtle fresh fragrance and skin feels hydrated and soft after use.  Love that it contains natural products.  Highly recommend!
They smell lovely and are perfect when traveling or for those late nights when a full cleanse just isn't gonna happen. They cleanse really well (even eye makeup!) and don't annoy my sensitive skin.
These are average makeup wipes. They slightly roll in my hand when using them, but they weren't drying or strongly scented. I buy these in sale, but don't go out of my way to buy them, they're okay.
I've been using these make-up remover wipes for years and refuse to use any other brand. They get everything off so easily and don't irritate my skin (and smell so nice!).