NIVEA Q10PlusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream

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NIVEA Q10PlusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream is an anti-wrinkle cream that targets tired skin and fine lines. The formula contains pure vitamin C and Q10 and works to repair and nourish the skin for a visibly smoother, revitalised complexion.


NIVEA Q10PlusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream


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Not really impressed with this at all. I used it a few times but I didn't see or feel any benefit. It does smell good but that wasn't the purpose of the cream. If you're really looking for the benefits of a Vit C product I wouldn't bother. For me it's just a fresh smelling generic night cream that didn't rock my world.
I’m a fan of NIVEA products and I have used many over the years because new products, especially to suit my skin type, are forever being released.    The NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream is a moisturiser for tired skin and fine lines which I was sure would suit my mature, combination skin, and because I love night creams it made sense to try this product.  With the added bonus of vitamin C I was sure this product would deliver.    The cream has a medium consistency and a creamy texture which is easily applied and sinks into the skin.  There is a subtle fragrance  which is great for anyone who can’t tolerate fragrances.  I’m the opposite and quite like a fragrance in a skincare product.    The sleep cream goes to work overnight and I awake with nice smooth, well hydrated and glowing skin.  Healthy and bright!    I think the NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle +Energy Skin Sleep Cream is a good night cream to help dull, tired skin.  I don’t think it’s a miracle night cream but it does a good job at keeping the skin hydrated throughout the night.  
I got this night cream when it was 50% off at Coles or Woolies sometime ago. I thought one can't go wrong when getting a $12 night cream that contains vitamin C and is Nivea. They are known for an excellent value for money. And I was right. The night cream is great. Packaging wise it ticks all the boxes. The metal squeeze tube, the stability of vitamin C is provided by the metal no see through tibe. The consistency is very pleasant, between a cream and a lotion, yellowish in colour. It is easy to apply and sinks into the skin pretty fast. There is a subtle Nivea scent to the cream and I am grateful for that as I love my skincare to smell nice. I must say the cream performs well at hydrating and brightening the skin. My face feels soft and glowy. I have not noticed any spectacular effects but I do not expect much from a basic night cream. With that said, I do believe that it is a great start for those who want to start incorporating some vitamin C product into their daily routine.
Brighter Skin in 1 Sleep! This Sleep Cream is now my go-to night cream. Don't be fooled by it's slim tube, this cream goes the distance without having to use much product with each application. This cream definitely surprised me with not only waking up with brighter skin the following day but also the smooth creamy formula that blurs my fine lines. Bonus! Very affordable product and great packaging for traveling as it won't take up much room in your luggage. Dislike- My pillow case becomes discoloured (pale orange/yellow colour) from the cream as a result from the Pure Vitamin C formula but it doesn't bother me too much as it washes out. Tip- Make sure you secure the lid and tighten it properly to the tube once finished with application as the product will keep leaking out of tube causing wastage. Best for anyone with dull and tired skin in need of a pick me up.
After just over two weeks of using this product my skin feels soft and looks quite refreshed. The lines around my eyes already seem to be fading. As a mum of three kids that keep me very busy I often look exhausted but thanks to this amazing product even though I still feel tired I can honestly say I no longer look like I have been up all night. I will definitely be sticking with this product and have already recommended it to my friends and family.
Absolutely loved the scent of this cream and its silky smooth texture on the skin. My face looked a little brighter each morning after I'd applied and it definitely gave me a bit of a glow. The pointy nozzle made it easy to apply, and also meant that there was no wastage or spillout.
I love how easily the packaging is. It's nice and compact making it perfect for travel. The cream has a slight fragrance but nothing too intense. The cream is light and hydrating however as I only tried this out for a week I cannot comment on how well it works for wrinkles or fine lines. I'll continue to test it out and hopefully, I notice a difference in a couple of weeks.
I love this product! It had a pleasant fragrance and felt amazing on my skin. After a few days of use, I noticed a real difference in the appearance of my skin. Especially under my eyes. I suffer from acne and am often careful when using new products but I am super happy to report it didn't cause any breakouts whatsoever. I have since purchased the day cream too, to wear under my makeup. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to wake up to fresher, softer, brighter looking skin!
Loved this product! I came into this as a bit of a Nivea skincare skeptic, but I am completely sold.  The texture is dreamy, and the scent not overpowering. It lives up to its promises too, because my skin feels great. Firm to touch and not oily. As a person with sensitive skin it did not irritate (even if applied after a chemical exfoliant). A teeny tiny point off because the metal tube cracked and I do prefer the durability of synthetic packaging.  I would definitely recommend this product to someone who is just starting out on their anti-aging beauty journey - the quality is there for a reasonable price. 
I absolutely loved this product. The cream smells lovely and applied easily on the skin. It leaves good coverage and does not feel heavy on the skin. I have sensitive skin and the cream did not irritate my skin. I noticed some smoothing out of fine lines. I also felt that my skin looked fresher and less tired. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone particularly those that feel their skin could do with a bit of a boost. For its price, I think the cream is real competition to other more pricier products on the market.
I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I am definitely seeing an improvement, my fine lines are less visible and my skin feels softer and hydrated.  You only need to apply a small amount as it is quite a thick cream. I mainly focused on using it on areas that required it, rather than an all over application. I absolutely loved the smell of the product too. 
For a drugstore product I was very impressed. Very user friendly packaging (which allows you to get out ever single little bit - yay!), great consistency and active ingredients makes this worth trying. I have dry-to-combination skin and felt that the product made my face feel tacky or sticky a little while after application but this went away. I have only very fine, fine lines, not really noticeable so I can't comment on if this product made a change to them (I didn't feel it did, but then I have only been using it just over two weeks) so I would certainly suggest that you try it out for yourself. It is a really easy product to just have by your bedside and use - doesn't interfere with any night creams I use but I did stop serums in case there was a chemical clash.
I really liked this cream. I have sensitive and rosacea prone skin and so was sceptical about a pharmacy brand that does contain fragrance, however it didn’t cause any stinging or reaction. I like that the packaging preserves the active vit c by blocking out air and light. The texture is hydrating without being greasy. I did not notice any reduction in fine lines or wrinkles but was not expecting it, vit c is the only active ingredients and is a preventative antioxidant so won’t make a dramatic difference to existing lines, but I do think it gave a nice glow and hydrated the skin. For the price this is a good value basic antioxidant moisturiser. A fragrance free option would be  ideal!
Amazing cream! So thick and creamy but not greasy, skin looks radiant and brighter.  Sinks into the skin nicely and lightweight.  I know it's a night cram but I used it morning as well because it was so nice.  Has a subtle citrus fragrance that isn't unbearable.  The only down side is the packaging, it's convenient but not easy to use, the tube has started to crack around the side so a bit of cream squirts from the broken tears.  But I Will definitely be purchasing again, probably in a tub form if available. 
Left my skin looking fresh and rejuvenated after a couple of weeks use. My skin was feeling dull and I had some pigmentation on my forehead. This has helped very much and my skin looks a lot better!! I recommend this product highly - it has made me feel more confident in my skin and the pigmentation has improved in appearance.
I will definitely be buying more of this product once it's done. In addition to reducing my fine lines I find that it makes my skin smoother especially when left overnight. I have sensitive skin and was worried about breaking out because it's seems quite heavy but it has done wonders for my skin!
So sometimes I can be a bit sceptical when it comes to anti-aging creams and not notice a huge difference, however this one was pretty good for your drug-store product ranges. It has cool packaging and a great smell, it is easy to apply and doesn’t leave the face feeling sticky or oily. I love that you put it on at night as I don’t normally like to put too much on during the day. I would definitely recommend this one for people looking to try some anti-aging products but not yet commit to the expensive brands from the beautician. I did find it to make a difference but the key is to use it religiously.
I really liked the consistancy of this cream. Although, I found that in the morning it smelt a bit like fake tan. I have quite sensitive skin and I found it was ok to use and didn’t cause any unwanted reactions. I would definitely repurchase this night cream again.
The cream is very hydrating and left my skin feeling supple to touch. I did notice considerable reduction of fine lines around the eye area and forehead. The ease of use from the squeezy tube is great. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family due to its hydrating quality.
Receiving this cream at first,I was a little worried that it was going to cause my already hormonal pregnant skin to break out! So relieved that it didn’t. I love how it comes in a toothpaste style metal based container which helps you get maximum product out. Being a metal based container, I feel that it preserves the product better. The cream absorbed really nicely into my skin without leaving that dreaded greasy film. Skin felt so beautifully smooth when I woke up and not with more pimples! Yay! It is really hard to give a thorough assessment of this product without trialing it for at least a month since our skin has a 28 day cell turn over but I was pretty impressed with the 2 weeks trying it! Not sure if I’ll repurchase, I’ll wait to finish the tube and see if it has made any difference to my skin.