NIVEA Shower Clay Fresh Blue Agave & Lavender

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NIVEA Deep Cleansing Shower Clay Fresh Blue Agave & Lavender is a clay-based shower gel that contains purifying white kaolin clay to cleanse skin and remove impurities without drying out skin. The body wash has a clay-to-foam formula and a fresh blue agave and lavender scent.


NIVEA Shower Clay Fresh Blue Agave & Lavender


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NIVEA Deep Cleansing Shower Clay Fresh Blue Agave & Lavender smells unisex.  It is quite refreshing but the smell can be a little overpowering.  I found that the product is quite thick and opaque, which can be difficult to lather up if not using a bath sponge.  It rinses off clean.  Overall, it is not a bad product but not a product I would repurchase because there is nothing special about it.  My skin is not dried or dehydrated after use but at the same time I do not feel "particularly clean" even with the "clay" in this product.
This body wash smells amazing, reply delicious. I adore Nivea and this is super great value for money, so cheap and such a great product. It foams up really well and feels lovely on skin, it leaves skin clean, tingly, smooth and soft and the gorgeous scent lingers. It has a luxurious thick consistency and a little goes a long way, it’s packaged nice and is really hydrating. At this price I could afford to buy a few different scents, all are pretty but none are overpowering. Love this and highly recommend it
So after my experience with the VEA Deep Cleansing Shower Clay Fresh Hibiscus & White Sage,i had to try this variant to see how it held up,,,and it was every bit as comforting as i thought. The wash is a clay based (so as with the other scent,it is rich and thick in texture...very lush) but added to it is the soothing,comforting scent of Lavender and combined with Kaolin clay (well known in many face masks for it's cleansing and absorbing qualities) this is my de-stress,before bed routine body wash.The scent is there,but not at all over the top,and the Kaolin gives a really "deep cleansed" feel to your regular shower.But what is the afterfeel experience like ? Well,let me tell you. The richness is there,in a thick,lush texture (so only a small amount is needed in your shower puff to get a rich,lush foam up,but honestly,at under a fiver from many places,you can afford to go a bit nuts with it),but the afterfeel you get from this cream is different from the gels and creams you may know and use is a slightly "taut,but still comfortable" feel that i love,but you may find a little less than ideal if a "step from shower,no body lotion needed " feel is your usual standard,but again,the kaolin has been at work,and for summer,i love the slightly "matte" feel this gives. A  250ml bottle of this lasted both myself and hubby,with two showers a day in mid summer / Far Nth Qld heat situations a two week that really isn't too bad (i do go nuts with the amount i use),but it would easily last a month with normal use (oh,and the bottle wash the perfect travel companion....plastic with a secure top).I love this,and i am sure you will too. TIP:Burn a candle,pop on some soothing sounds and let this bodywash take away all that the day has inflicted on you with the soothing scent....but come up feeling deeply cleansed and cared for.
I have been waiting for a new Nivea shower gel, and I wasn't disappointed! The scent is amazing and your skin is left feeling soft and fresh (not dashing for the nearest post-shower moisturiser). I love the Nivea shower gels, as it's one of the few that doesn't dry my skin out, or leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable. I've even used it on my face, as it is great for removing that hardy waterproof mascara. (Although, a good cleanser might be the more gentle option for the face). It is one of the few products I think is probably worth more than it sells for.   If you've had a mildly sensitive or normal skin type- definitely try it. You won't regret it. 
Loved this shower gel! Felt super velvety and nice on the skin. I felt clean and fresh without the feeling that my skin was going to dry out (which happens when I use soap). The scent was nice and not too overpowering. Definitely keen to check out the other scents in the range!
Loved the Nivea deep cleansing shower clay! The smell was really fresh and not to overpowering! It made my skin feel clean and supple. It was thicker in texture so you you don’t need to use much of it! Would definitely recommend this product! Can’t wait to try the other scents
I wish I could have given this product a higher rating, however after just two uses, my skin began to break out. The texture and smell was fine, unfortunately it just didn’t work for my skin type and I won’t continue to use it from here on in.
I was pleasantly surprised! I love the consistency of the product and the way it made my skin feel clean without stripping it. The Blue Agave and Lavender scent is lovely - it is light and not overpowering like many scented shower gels. Bonus tip - I used this as a shaving gel for my legs and it worked so well! The only reason it is not 5 stars is because I do not think the addition of the clay made much of a difference. However, I really enjoyed this product and would recommend for all!
Omg this product is awesome. It has a great smell, great consistency and is very refreshing on the skin. Makes a great foam and you use less than most other gels out there.  I have gone out and brought the other two shower gels to see if they are just as good smelling. Definitely a keeper
I enjoyed using this product. It has a thick luscious consistency as a clay shower gel. Foams to a lovely soft lather really quickly and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. This particular scent is pleasant, clean and fresh. I will continue to use the NIVEA Deep Cleansing Shower Clay.
This body wash has a thick and luxurious texture & forms a rich lather.  It’s a thick, opaque grey colour which spreads well so a little goes a long way. Scent is fresh & clean, unisex and not overbearing.  It does not have a strong lavender fragrance.  Skin feels clean and fresh after use, not dry or tight. Can’t say I particularly notice the addition of clay, but overall it’s a nice, effective body wash.  Would repurchase & try one of the other scents.
NIVEA Deep Cleansing Shower Clay Fresh Blue Agave & Lavender smells divine. Yum! Foams up easily and feels luscious and velvety on my skin.  It is quite thick so only a small amount is needed per wash, so i expect my bottle to las a lot longer than gel-style body washes. 
It smells and feels amazing. Actually find it to be quite refreshing, slightly silky but does have a thick luscious consistency as a clay shower gel. Thankfully the 'blue agave and lavender scent' isn't too overpowering. I'm glad I got this, I'll keep using it for sure.