NIVEA Shower Clay Fresh Ginger & Basil

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NIVEA Deep Cleansing Shower Clay Fresh Ginger & Basil is a clay-based shower gel that contains purifying white kaolin clay to cleanse skin and remove impurities without drying out skin. The body wash has a clay-to-foam formula and a ginger and basil scent.


NIVEA Shower Clay Fresh Ginger & Basil


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I was super super impressed with this product, especially with the extremely reasonable price tag. I find some body wash can leave your skin feeling a bit dry after showering but the nivea clay fresh leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and hydrated afterwards. I will definitely continue using this as my body wash.
I like it alot! it left my skin feeling really clean and fresh and tingly. I loved the fragrance, the ginger and the basil was nice too. Nice bottle and is handy for the shower shelf. The formula is suitable for sensitive skin, its really nourishing. it foams  well and feels smooth on the skin. Its a good and  a lot goes a long way so its really quite reasonable in price. I would like to try some of the other fragrances from this range
I purchased this after reading all the great reviews. At first when I heard it was a clay shower cream I was a little worried what it would feel like to use. But it was so lovely! It foams up nicely and smells absolutely amazing. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and leaves it with a really clean fresh feel. I liked it so much I’ve already repurchased it.
I really loved this shower gel, it left my skin feeling really clean and fresh and tingly. I loved the fresh crisp scent, I love the smell of ginger and the basil was nice too, quite summery. its packaged nice and is handy for the shower shelf. The formula is not at all drying and suitable for sensitive skin, its really nourishing. it foams really well and feels lovely on skin. Its priced really well and I dont need to use a lot as the foam goes a long way so its really economical. I would like to try some other scents from this range and would recommend this product, another nivea winner.
I was on the lookout for this shower gel for such a long time, so when I finally saw the product on the shelves I grabbed two bottles. I tried the Ginger and Basil scent first and I am in love. I did not know what to expect to be honest but had a feeling I would like this cleansing shower gel. We receive a 250ml of product in a handy light blue ( plastic) bottle. The first thing that hit me was the scent - a beautiful fragrance, with prominent ginger. I won't lie, it reminds me of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea to some extent. Definitely, scentwise it is something new on the market. The formula is quick thick, light green in shade, it lathers nicely and feels soft on the skin. I have not noticed any drying out of my skin. After the shower my skin feels smooth and clean and smells lovely. It is only a showergel, and its job is to remove the sweat and dirt but having a great showergel like Nivea Clay Fresh makes my shower routine so much more pleasant. The scent is fresh and invigorating. The clay addition adds up to the cleansing proces and my help remove all those little bumps and pimples. I work out a lot and sometimes I develop a small breakout on my back. With Clay Fresh I know I will get a deeper cleanse every time I have a shower. I love it.
I really enjoyed this shower gel, it left my skin feeling smooth hydrated and even more moisturised than others have in the past. It seemed thicker than most shower gels but it worked into a nice lather and a little went a long way. The scent honestly wasnt my favourite but on the plus side it was very overpowering so its easy to overlook. All in all would recommend
Love, love and love! I was so happy with this product after trialing it. It made my skin feel silky soft and made me feel super clean. I was a big fan of the scent, very crisp and fresh. I can’t wait to try the other scents in the range.
The gel is light and not too creamy which was nice for summer. It lathered well and left me feeling super clean. I didn’t love the scent as found it a bit masculine but was fresh and smelt natural. I will try the other scents as loved its formulation. 
I was very interested to try this product, knowing it has a clay type base! I’ve always used soap bars, never so much body washes etc.  Expectations wise, I didn’t really have any. From reading the bottle, it certainly sounded amazing! Upon opening, the scent was really nice. Not overpowering, but subtle, uplifting and fresh!!  The consistency was quite thick, with a green tinge. I felt however you needed quite a fair bit to get a decent lather and for it to spread across your body, which was disappointing as I would go through it way to fast!  As for how my skin felt afterwards, I didn’t notice much of a difference. My skin did feel soft, but not like a ‘wow, that’s good!’ Kind of soft.  I probably wouldn’t purchase again, however I feel like with the scent etc, it’s be a nice morning shower pick me up
LOVING THIS PRODUCT SOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH !!! I was so pleasantly surprised by this product. I've always had an on again off again relationship with Nivea and my skin hasn't always liked it but this product is really very very nice. The scent is so beautiful and the ability to use this in the shower just makes me so happy.
Love Love LOVE this!!! The smell is amazing, unlike other body washes that can very sweet and over powering.  loved the way it lathered up and the way it made my skin feel after. My skin had been very dry due to the large amount of fake tan i had been applying and i could instantly feel how hydrated my skin was after, i didn't feel the need to apply my usual coat of body moisturiser.
I was so happy I got to review the NIVEA Deep Cleansing Shower Clay in Fresh Ginger & Basil, I really loved the smell of this product and the over feel. However I was disappointed that it didn't lather up like a normal shower gel and it didn't feel as deep cleaning as I was expecting. Overall still happy
I must admit I was a bit unsure how the ginger and basil scent would go down in the shower but I absolutely loved it. It's fresh, summery and gives an added sense of cleanliness.  The clay gel lathered on nicely and left my skin feeling natural and luxuriously soft. Will definitely use again. 
The ginger and basil scent is one that I’m quite surprised I enjoyed, usually that type of scent is way down on the list of faves but this was a pleasant surprise, pair that with its moisturising properties and cleaning ability and I’ve found myself a winner. At first I thought the product would be a bit of a gimmick and perform the same as any other body wash, but I found this wasn’t to be the case. I usually have a lot of trouble with body wash when it comes to removing residue from deodorant I’ve warn throughout the day, so usually a normal bar of soap is my only option, until I found this of course. It effectively washes off the day without leaving your skin dry, or tight which is a feeling I try to avoid. The only downside to this product is I feel the amount you pay for a smallish bottle is a bit hefty, though I’m sure it could be picked up on sale from time to time at different distributors. Looking forward to trying out the other ones once I’ve gone through this bottle.
The scent of this is amazing but I can see it not being for everyone. It smells fresh and quite summery. The lotion itself lathers very well and made my skin feel clean and fresh. I did not notice my skin being softer or smoother. I would repurchase this just for the scent!
I received the Ginger and Basil scent of the Clay Fresh Shower Gel and I was super impressed. It comes in a squeeze bottle so it’s easy to disperse the exact amount you’re after. The fragrance was particularly fresh smelling and very different to the usual sweet scents I go for, but definitely not unwelcome. This specific product itself is like a muted light green, is not too runny in consistency, and when applied to a loofah, lathers really nicely. After working in onto my skin, I did feel like all the areas I scrubbed were noticeably softer than when using other shower gels and definitely helped in scrubbing off some of the old dry skin on my legs in particular. I will definitely repurchase and try out the other scents as I think clay is the key to really cleansing your body!
As shower gels goes this one was pretty good – it lathers up nicely with only a small amount and does leave my skin feeling clean and hydrated. However, I was not the biggest fan of this scent and won’t be reaching for it again. My bathroom smelt like a spice cupboard and for me it wasn’t that enjoyable. It won’t turn me off trying the other scents though, overall the gel would be a great everyday body wash but it was nothing outstanding. 
I absolutely loved this shower gel! The smell of the ginger and basil amazing and it Definitely wakes you up in the morning! Left the skin feeling smooth and hydrated and exfoliated! A Little bit goes a long way! I would definitely look at purchasing this product in the future!
This shower gel is absolutely clay-mazing!! It is so simple to use and lathers up nicely. After using the shower gel my skin feels very soft, smooth and fresh. The ginger and basil scent is really refreshing however, not overpowering. I will definitely buy again to try a new fragrance. The only disappointing factor was the bottle itself. I found it difficult to make it stand up without it falling over in the shower. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin who is looking for an everyday shower gel that does not cause any irritation. The quality and the price of this product makes it a must-buy! Thank you Nivea!
This shower gel was easy to use, lathered nicely and left me feeling clean and fresh. Though it certainly is summery, I was not a fan of the ginger and basil scent - it just isn't something I'd choose for myself. (It reminded me too much of cooking / my spice cabinet!) I would be interested in trying the blue agave & lavender or hibiscus & white sage scents however. I can't say I noticed my skin feeling particularly soft, purified or deeply-cleansed after using it but perhaps I haven't used it for long enough. In terms of an everyday shower gel though, it's fine and it does leave you feeling clean and refreshed.