NIVEA Shower Clay Fresh Hibiscus & White Sage

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NIVEA Deep Cleansing Shower Clay Fresh Hibiscus & White Sage is a clay-based shower gel that contains purifying white kaolin clay to cleanse skin and remove impurities without drying out skin. The body wash has a clay-to-foam formula and a hibiscus and white sage scent.


NIVEA Shower Clay Fresh Hibiscus & White Sage


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Love the Nivea Shower Clay Fresh Hibiscus & White Sage a lot. The scent is very nice and not overpowering and the body wash has a nice creamy texture. My skin feels very smooth and nourishing after use and I apply the Nivea body lotion after shower to add an extra layer of hydrating to my skin. My skin remains very smooth and hydrated the next morning. This Shower Clay is definitely worth recommending.
Absolutely loved the nivea shower clay, i purchased this from a supermarket on special which turned out to be a great buy, the smell is amazing, i used a wash puff and it lathered up extremely well, the smell is absolutely amazing, not to over powering, left my skin feeling absolutely amazing my only criticism would be the size of the bottle and the amount of clay actually used in each bottle.
I adore this. From the scent to how it makes my skin feel so clean and smooth without drying... Nivea product have a great reputation and this is no exception. This makes my whole bathroom smell amazing and truly feels like a pampering experience. A little product goes as long way, and it easily lathers up to a beautiful delicate foam. I feel fresh after using. Because I have dry skin I am always somewhat hesitant to use clay based products, but this was gorgeous.
I loved this clay based shower gel, great value, great results. For a start I loved the hibiscus scent, so pretty and fresh. The gel lathers well and I never need to use a lot. This cleanser skin really well and leaves my skin soft and smooth afterwards, it’s not at all drying. It’s packaged nicely and easy to use. The texture of the cream is thick rich and luxurious and a pretty pink. I loved this product, another Nivea winner
Nivea,you always seem to nail it when it comes to bath time beauty...and here you are again,nailing the "clay craze" like the pro you are. Unless you have been under a rock lately,you will know that clay....that same stuff that makes a mess of everything it touches,yet is amazing for skin concerns,is having a MASSIVE moment right now....face / body,all of it is being slathered with every colour clay under the sun,and Nivea has added a shower cream to the mix.Nivea's Deep Cleansing Shower Clay Fresh Hibiscus & White Sage combines Kaolin clay (well known in many face masks for it's cleansing and absorbing qualities) with the beautiful scent of hibiscus and sage to make showering a down right spa - like experience. Firstly,let's get to the obvious...the texture.This is a thicker than most ,cream - like  (rather than a gel) that has a lovely pink hue to it,and a delicate but softly lingering scent that is calming and relaxing.The clay addition (although how much is REALLY in there is anyone's guess,let's be serious here) is obvious due to the thickness of this cream,(but in no way is it messy OR in need of being scraped from your shower tiles),and with that comes the feeling of getting a really deep cleanse from this product,so much so that,in a pinch,i have used this as a facewash to deep cleanse my face.....with NO severe dry feel,no reaction and no makeup left over (but hey,this is NO substitute for the real thing OK).Also,as the richness is there,only a small amount is needed in your shower puff to get a rich,lush foam up (but honestly,at under a fiver from many places,you can afford to go a bit nuts with it).The afterfeel you get from this cream is different from the gels and creams you may know and use is a slightly "taut,but still comfortable" feel that i love,but you may find a little less than ideal if a "step from shower,no body lotion needed " feel is your usual standard,but again,the kaolin has been at work,and for summer,i love the slightly "matte" feel this gives.Secondly,the packaging....a plastic bottle with fresh,soft blue as the main hue,and a baby pink "swirl" on the front (denoting the product inside's colour) that simply screams fresh and soft.Drawback is that this is only 250ml,and with two adults using this,it doesn't take long for this to be empty. If a different kind of clean is something you are after,this may be what you are looking for.
Loved this shower cream, I got the hibiscus scent which was absolutely divine. It was smoth and easy to use in the shower, and my skin felt refreshed and moisturized after it. It’s not as moisturizing as I hoped it would be, but I did enjoy the product overall, so would repurchase.
The smell is amazing and my skin does feel great after using it, but it’s not really “soapy”. You need to use a large amount for you whole body. I’ve tried to use it with a sponge but it was just about the same. I would recommend for the smell tho
I LOVED this! The smell of the Hibiscus and White Sage was so nice. The moisturising aspect of the product definitely made a different for my skin, as I tend to have quite dry skin but I definitely noticed a difference after using this product. A larger size would be better though as the product does run out fairly quickly with daily use.
This shower gel is excellent. The Hibiscus and White Sage scent smelt lovely, the product itself has a long lasting moisturizing effect. However, I don not believe that the pink clay in this product has any overall health or moisturizing properties. Overall, this product performs as expected- it helps clean and provide some overall moisture to the skin.
I was excited to try this and really enjoyed the scent, the hibiscus and white sage was quite refreshing. Although I did find it to be drying for my skin at times and I definitely had to moisturise after using it. I would also recommend if using it as an everyday product to get it in a larger size as it is used up quite quickly and a lot is required to was your entire body.
The smell of the Hibiscus and White sage was nice and subtle, not too over powering. It lathered up nicely when applying in the shower when using a loafer. After the shower my skin felt nice and refreshed which is especially nice after a hot day. For a product that is suitable for everyday use the product size is a little on the small size.
The product smells INCREDIBLE - i love the scent of Hubiscus and white sage. It's pleasant and long lasting but doesn't smell overpowering.  I did find that the shower clay left my skin soft and smooth afterwards but i did still find that after a few hours my skin showed signs of dryness (no more than any other bodywash but just in general) and I still had to moisturise afterwards.
As a NIVEA body lover, I was so excited to try this product! In the shower, the first thing I noticed was the scent of Hibiscus and White Sage...sooo good! The texture of the wash also was enjoyable and lathered well. I felt fresh as soon as I stepped out of the shower and no residue was left. Although NIVEA claims to use clay in this product, I see no real benefit, as it's concentration seems very little (marketing tactic?!). Although I loved using this product, I currently use alternatives at the moment that I love more and won't be switching from any time soon. I'd recommend a larger size than 250ml too, as body wash seems to go quick smart!  scent of the Hibiscus and White Sagscent of the Hibiscus and White Sage
When I received this, I was extremely excited because I absolutely loved the NIVEA In Shower Rich Body Lotion.  First off, the scent of the Hibiscus and White Sage is so good! After my shower, I'll still smell it on my skin and it's not overpowering, just the right amount of nice. It's not a sweet smell either so anyone who doesn't like that, shouldn't worry with this.  Although I loved the product, I feel it wasn't as moisturising as the Rich Body Lotion. With the Rich Body Lotion, I was able to step out of the shower and not worry about applying any moisturiser.  However it did make my skin feel smooth and soft.  I really enjoyed this product and definitely will purchase again!