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NS 8 Natural Footcare NS 8 Heel Balm Complex

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NS 8 Natural Footcare NS 8 Heel Balm Complex is a non-greasy, intensely hydrating cream for very dry, rough, cracked or thickened skin on the heels and feet. It is formulated with a combination of natural extracts, vitamins, moisturisers and exfoliants to eliminate thickened skin and leave heels soft and well-moisturised. It can also be used to relieve rough skin on the elbows, arms, knees and legs, as well as on diabetic dry feet.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants

Size pictured is 100mL. Also available in 60g for $11.45 and 250mL for $26.95.


NS 8 Natural Footcare NS 8 Heel Balm Complex


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For soft feet

This heel balm is great for keeping my feet soft and smooth! I applied it all over my feet and then wait for it to absorb. Once it's a bit dry I wear socks on top so it won't come off when I go to sleep. By morning my feet are hydrated and so soft. You see results quite soon after using it. My heels are really dry and I have tried lots of products and this has to be one of my favourites.

Old Favourite

I love this heel balm it's fab I've used it for years. I usually apply it at night then pop my thick socks on and when I wake up in the morning my feel & heels are super smooth. I would suggest to use it for 5-7 days for full treatment and use a foot file every morning to removed dead skin. It's quite rich and thick but absorbs in very well overnight.
Having a cracked heel is very unpleasant, it really ruin my new shoes look and limit open shoes type during summer time. Lucky NS8 has invented this cream/ balm for our feet and heel. It works well for me and I love it since only using 2x I can see a good result and improve my cracked heel. I feel so much confident now. Thanks to NS-8.
Quite surprised with the results! The formula works on my tough heels and a bit dry skin around toes. Being barefoot is not all that great. So used this cream for a few weeks now and the skin on the feet is sooo soft! No more tough skin on my heels and love how smooth it is also.  My only problem is that the formula contains emu oil in it. To "extract" the oil, one needs to kill the poor animal. Not cruelty free product.So will not repurchase, even though it works (not because of emu, but other actives in the formula:  lactic acid and urea. that slough the rough skin off and moisturize  ). Scent of urea is masked by nice essential oils and menthol and sage.  Ingredients: Purified Water*, Urea*, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride*, Lactic Acid*, Cetomacrogol*, Zinc*, Malic Acid*, Grape Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Aloe Vera*, Calendula*, Arnica*, Allantoin*, Emu Oil*, Witch Hazel*, Menthol*, Thyme*, Sage*, Vitamin C*, Silica*, Kali Sulph*, Nat Mur*, Calc Sulph*, Sodium Benzoate Chloroacetamide, Di Sodium Edetate, Pure Essential Oils of May Chang*, Ylang Ylang* and Palmarosa*, Grapefruit Seed Extract*.
My heels are very dry and cracked and although I don't expect any heel cream to completely fix the problem there are some that can help. This heel cream is great because it helps to moisturise my feet without being too heavy or greasy.  I only apply a small amount at night and then I cover my feet with socks so it can work overnight.  It absorbs really easily and by morning my feet definitely feel much softer.
I love this product, if your heels are a hot mess then grab a tube and get on to it. It's incredibly hydrating and within a few days your tootsies will be baby soft. Obviously if you have really canky heels you will need to get a foot loofah and use some elbow grease to get rid of the really caked on dead skin but then all you will need is regular use of this bombshell and you should be good to go. I use it every other night and I also put a little bit on my elbows because I find as I've gotten older my the skin there is a bit more vulnerable.
Relief from heel discomfort in one little tube !! This cream feels very light & smooth & it makes you wonder how it can really make a big difference but it works & is a good reliable cream.  Used regularly it ensures that the dryness does not return and it makes your feet feel very special each time you use it. Treat your heels!
Wonder product! The cream seems thin, but a little goes a long way. It spreads easily and absorbs quickly. The instructions say there is no need for socks, which is lucky because I don't like to wear socks to bed. After the first night, my heels were already softer. The second night my heels were not dry and all. Cannot believe it. I was starting to get cracks from the cold weather, but this has been a real lifesaver. There is no scent and no petro chemicals which is a bonus.
This heel balm is all kinds of heel magic. While the creamy texture without any particular fragrance feels quite rich, it gets absorbed very quickly and doesn't leave behind any greasy residue. Heels feel instantly hydrated and nourished. Within less than a week I could see some real difference in terms of texture of skin and the dryness going down dramatically. What a savior for winter days. Would definitely repurchase it.
I have very dry heels and I found that this foot cream was not as effective as others I have tried. I think if I had exfoliated some of the dry skin off, it would have worked better.  It does moisturise and is not greasy, but it didn't seem to penetrate into the really dry cracks. 
This is a fabulous heel cream that absolutely works. The consistency of the cream is quite thick and luxurious and it rubs into heels and feet really well to soften and eliminate dry skin. With daily use the dry skin on my heels became soft and rough skin was removed. its great value for money as it comes at a great price and I only need a small amount for great results. This heel cream protects and moisturises without irritation, the results speak for themselves. A product that really works and that I would absolutely recommend.
Awesome heel cream! I have used this in conjunction with the silicone heel covers that you can wear to bed 2 nights in a row and my heels are perfectly soft and healed. Easy to find because of the colours on the bottle too, its a must have in the autumn and winter months.
My heels used to take a bashing and were always dry and rough.  Every now and then I used my foot gadget to smooth away the dry skin, and then slap on some foot balm, but then I’d forget about keeping up the maintenance and the dry skin would come back.  So when I purchased the NS-8 Natural Footcare NS-8 Heel Balm Complex I was determined to apply the balm regularly to test it out.    The balm is packaged in a 100ml, fuchsia coloured tube with a flip-top lid.  This is such a stand-out colour so I can’t help but see the tube next to my Kindle when I sit down to read each night which is the perfect time to apply the balm.    The balm is creamy white, with a medium consistency and has a subtle, pleasant fragrance.  The balm soaks into the skin very quickly and there is no greasy feeling whatsoever.  It took a few days when I first started using the balm to see how deeply hydrating this balm is but after regular use my feet have remained soft and supple.  I also use the balm on my elbows and knees.  The skin on my heels, knees and elbows is now definitely softer and smoother and looks visibly healthier.    For the past nine months I’ve been very much aware of natural products and use them in my daily skincare routine as much as possible.  So, I love the fact that this balm is formulated with a combination of natural extracts, vitamins, moisturisers and exfoliants to ensure the skin is soft and well-moisturised.    I recommend the NS-8 Natural Footcare NS-8Heel Balm Complex as a complete foot care product to eliminate dry cracked feet or to use on other dry patches of skin on the body.   
I don’t know why this underrated gem doesn’t get more love!!  Best thing for cracked heels and elbows. I love it for my heels. I apply this, glad wrap my feet and put some sock to hold the wrap in place. I do this before bed and I’m the morning I have brand new feet.  Far superior than ‘Heel Balm’ and an absolute must for anyone who fake tans! You know what I’m talking about ;) 
I have brought this heel balm more than once. What I love about it, is its natural ingredients and that it's made in Australia. It's a good heel balm and it does make a difference to cracked heels but its not an overnight wonder. You need at least 3 nights of consistent use to get a transformation.  Another great thing about this balm, is that it's not oily and it sinks quickly into those parched heels, because of this it didn't go all over your sheets or socks if you put it on before bed. To me it has a slight menthol smell that disappears when it absorbs in. I would recommend this balm to anyone that loves natural, quality, Australian products.
This is a nice excellent moisturising and nourishing cream for my heels. I love this Australian brand which makes products that work and are gentle on my skin.  This heel cream is affordable and convenient to use. It goes on pretty thick but instantly sinks into my heels. It goes into my skin and my skin immediately feels soft and tochable. I also like how this cream makes my feet just look better. This cream has a very slight scent which is mild and isn't irritating or too strong to use. It goes away in a little while after application. I use this heel nightly and my feet begin immediately to look and feel softer to touch.  Pros: Non greasy Nourishing cream Works to soften dry skin Cons: None Recommendation: I would recommend this heel cream for men and women to use on a regular basis to maintain healthy and nourished skin on their feet. Also, please note this cream is suitable for diabetics who have dry and cracked skin. 
This works!  Within minutes of rubbing it into my heels they look completely hydrated and my cracked heels appear much, much healthier.  It promises to exfoliate, soften and smooth and it does do exactly that but I also find it hydrates and improves the appearance of my heels too.  It also promises to be non-staining and it follows through on that. The bottle (I have a pump top 100ml plastic bottle) label says to put it on before bedtime and twice a day when first using it and then downgrade the useage to twice a week.  I find just before bedtime adequate to keep my heels in a healthy order but I do tend to skip nights inbetween.  I will put it on just before I go out if my heels will be on show in open shoes because it has such a great instant effect in the way my heels look.  It's especially great if I'm going out somewhere special/formal. When used regularly, this cream keeps my heels in tip top condition.  It is a creamy white colour and it's quite thick but easy to rub in.  After around five minutes of application I can see and feel and difference and I can walk around knowing my heels don't look dry and cracked.  It seems to fill in the cracks a lot with ongoing moisturisation and yet it is not greasy to walk on.  Just don't apply too much - that is my best tip.  Apply a little at a time and add more if need be. There isn't much of a scent at all that I can detect - probably only the ingredients but there does not seem to be any added perfume in this formula.   
I use this cream for my husband's terrible cracked heels.  He can't reach to apply the cream so that's why I can say how wonderful this cream is.   Firstly, which is important, the cream is suitable for diabetics.   With a flip top lid, it is easy to get just the right amount of the white, thin cream out.  It's creamy so easy to apply all over the heels.  You only need a small amount to massage in twice a day.   It is non greasy, it's very lightweight so absorbs really well.   There is no harsh fragrance to irritate sensitive noses either.  My husband could feel improvement of his heels within 2 days and they were bad to begin with.  Very rough and cracked and just looked disgusting.   The cream contains just natural ingredients and is petroleum free.   This is the only cream that works fantastic on hubby's heels.  We have tried a few other products with no success.   Seeing healthier heels that are now softened, I know which cream he will be using again.    
NS-8 Natural Footcare NS-8 Heel Balm Complex is the foot cream ever.  I try and use it daily, this way it minimises the build up of dead and dry skin which leads to callouses and hard and dry skin.   I get some build up and try and remove the hard skin, and this skin is great for daily use. The lotion is pleasant, has a nice smell and it is not too thick and definitely not greasy.  It soaks in well and you only need a small amount.  If used daily the cream will keep your feet nice and hydrated.   The instant results are hydrated skin and softer feet.  Over time. the results are better as you will notice the hard skin is less intense and your feet are in much better condition.  Used in conjunction with a hard/dry skin removal system, this cream is absolutely wonderful.