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Nude by Nature Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation

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Nude by Nature Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation is a lightweight, sheer coverage foundation with a dewy, radiant finish. The foundation helps to combat the visible signs of ageing and improve skin’s natural radiance with the help of active native Australian ingredients such as Kakadu plum, lilly pilly and quandong.

Available in 10 shades.


Nude by Nature Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation


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Hydrating foundation with light coverage

I prefer to use foundation that has lightweight coverage as my skin is quite good but I like to add a bit of foundation just to keep it even and look more polished. However, I prefer the natural look and tend to stay away from foundation that can be thick and make my face look caked on. The Nude by Nature foundation is perfect for my skin type as it's sheer but still provides a slight amount of coverage for that natural no makeup look. I shake the bottle before I use it to make sure the ingredients haven't separated. It's incredibly hydrating but it doesn't weigh the skin down. The coverage is quite light but it contains nourishing ingredients to keep your skin soft and moisturised throughout the day. If you are after that dewy look then wear it on its own or you can add a bit of powder on top to set it and provide a bit more coverage. The staying power is alright, it does fade pretty quickly so touch ups are necessary. It won't cover up blemishes or pigmentation so it's more suitable for those who want light coverage and want to use a product with natural ingredients.


I was able to guess my shade from the colour chart provided online, and to my relief it was a perfect match. This foundation gives me the finish that I like: medium coverage with a natural dewy look. What I like about this foundation is that it does not look like I am wearing any foundation at all, I looks natural. I highly recommend this foundation if you're after a natural look. It also lasts throughout the day without the need to be reapplied.

Nice natural glow.

Nude by Nature Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation shade W3 Natural Beige matched my light/medium skin tone perfectly. I have combination skin and I really liked the consistency of this product. It blended nicely; the coverage was great, good staying power and just the right amount of glow. Being a natural foundation it has a slight smell to it but is in no way offensive and the enhancing ingredients made up for it (Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Jojoba). My only issue is that it didn’t sit well in the transparent glass packaging and it looked half empty. Shaking it didn’t make it look better. This didn’t have an impact on the foundation so it’s not a huge problem it just didn’t look that great.

Lightweight natural foundation

Having been a long time user of Nude by Nature's Flawless Liquid Foundation,I decided to branch out and give the Luminous Sheer Liquid foundation a go as it tended to have much better reviews. It's much thinner and lighter than the Flawless foundation which would be suitable for some, however as I have very large pores I found it did not give me the coverage I desired. On the up side, I found a little goes a long way and it blends ok. For me it works best when topped with a mineral powder and about of bronzer.

Lightweight with light coverage

I have this in W2 which according to the NBN shade guide is a medium, warm shade. I have yellow undertoned skin and found that while the shade match was not too bad, it lacked enough yellow/gold pigments to truely match my skin. The foundation seems quite thick when it first comes out of the pump, but when applied with the NBN Liquid Foundation Brush, it applies quite easily and feels relatively light on the skin. It is sheer, but buildable. I have combination skin and I found that the foundation gave my skin a nice radiant glow after one layer, but if I want to build another layer for medium coverage, it is quite streaky and was patchy by the end of the day (this is even after primer). I tried other methods of application, beauty blender, fingers but for my skin I can't build this up to medium coverage. I would say it's good for sensitive skin as I have not experienced any breakouts or bad reactions from this foundation which is a big plus. I also really like the finish after one layer, though I do have to go in quite heavily with concealer as it is very sheer (almost BB cream like). Moving onto smell...I really don't like the smell at all. For a natural product, the smell is actually really chemically and it takes a while for the smell to fade. This is such a shame! This foundation is filled with so many great ingredients such as green tea, kakadu plum and hylauronic acid. I just wish it smelt better, or just didn't smell at all. All in all I didn't mind the foundation and think that it is not a bad choice for a natural foundation. It helped to even out my skin-tone and gave it a nice radiant glow.

Light coverage foundation with natural ingredients

This is not a brand new foundation but is renamed from Liquid Mineral Foundation with ia few more shades - now 10 shades in total. It is the same formula and ingredients include: Jojoba oil, glycerin, lactic acid, sodium hyaluronate, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, Syzygium extract, Green Tea extract, Kakadu Plum extract etc. It has a nice blend of hydrating ingredients and no added fragrance. It is definitely a light coverage foundation that feels more like a BB cream. It's pleasant to use - hydrating and breathable, and stays comfortable on the skin all day long. There is a bit of glow to it that's not over the top - just leaves you looking radiant and healthy. It's perfect for relaxing days. It's pleasant to use but it's not long lasting. Unfortunately even with the new shades, the closest match to my skin tone still isn't right.

Too oily

When I looked at the product, I was pretty impressed by the packaging. It looks so sleek and comes with a very user friendly pump that disposes just the right amount of product. The product itself also looked beautiful, the paste matching the color as my skin (given the limited shade range this is a big thing)and smelled beautifully earthy without any added fragrance. So till this point I was feeling very positive and hopeful about this foundation but it all died as soon as I started applying it. Out of all methods I tried, using the brush was definitely worst - very uneven, heavy finish with prominent streaks. Finger tips were my next choice and while it worked alright in terms of even coverage, I still looked very much like a glazed donut. Finally using a beauty blender worked best - probably cause it soaked up all the extra oil this product has got. Jojoba oil is second on the ingredient list. It's more like tinted oil that doesn't work. Provides light coverage while feeling so very heavy and really the worst transfer I have ever experienced - but that's partially on me cause I don't use any setting spray or powder - not just this but any foundation or tint. So while the concept is great to make it with natural ingredients that are suppose to be good for your skin, this products really needs a new formula and better shade range.