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Nude by Nature Mineral Finishing Veil is a translucent mineral powder that helps create a flawless, airbrushed finish. The fine powder helps absorb excess oil and reduce shine while light-diffusing technology minimises the appearance of imperfections and signs of ageing. 


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Mineral Finishing Veil


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Fine translucent powder with a reflective sheen

This was a nice surprise. It is a setting powder, but is a bit different from the other powders that I use which are usually mattifying. If you apply it to bare skin and move it around in the light, you can see that that it doesn't have a matte finish but is slightly reflective. The effect of this is a natural-looking finish that works well over foundation. I love using it over satin to dewy foundation as it doesn't take away the glow, yet still helps to control shine. There is no discernible scent and the powder is very finely milled. I apply this with a big fluffy brush.
Nude By Nature Mineral Finishing Veil.  Comes in a simple pot. Purchased on earth but out - of - this world soft lightness on complexion. Almost can’t feel my brush dipping into the pot. A clean and accurate mineral finish for the make- up routine.  Leaves a luscious lightening glow. Cruelty Free Natural Lovely Love this product. X
Like all Nude By Nature products, this Finishing powder is cruelty free, free of any nasties, and vegan safe. It contains an ingredient called Kaolin Clay, which I know is in many beauty products including some face masks.  It absorbs oils without being drying on the skin. I find that it is very lightweight and often I will wear it on its own, as I find that it creates a blur type effect without adding colour.  The fact that it doesn't add colour like some finishing powders do, means that it won't tamper with the colour of your foundation. The packaging is fantastic.  The 12 grams of product comes in a sturdy plastic container with a screw on lid.  When you open the container you find that there is also an internal twist lid.  When you slide that open you then have half the container with perforated holes to allow access to the product and once you are done you twist it closed again which is perfect and certainly helps avoid those instances where you open your powder to find its gone everywhere.   Once open the box tells me this product is good for 24 months.  You use so little of this product that its not unreasonable to think that it will in fact last the 2 years.  I have a smaller 3 gram pot that I use for when I'm travelling. 
Although I’m personally not a huge fan of the loose powder form of finishing powder I do love this product. I typically use a compressed powder version however find that I don’t get enough product on my brush and subsequently at the end of the day it hasn’t lasted. The powder form has allowed me to achieve a long lasting look and I’m not horrified at the end of the day to see my glistening forehead! I naturally have combination skin and I’ve found this product to successfully create a natural look that lasts without disturbing my skins natural oil production; it’s not more oily or too dry- so formula wise this product is fabulous! The only thing I’d change is the size of the holes the powder falls through, I find that they often end up clogged with powder and therefore I receive smaller amounts of product as time progresses. Other than that I would definitely recommend this product and will continue to buy it!
Nude by Nature's Mineral Veil is my favourite transculent powder to set makeup or to wear over concealer for a natural look. This fair toned powder is beautifully sheer, a dream to blend and a pot lasts a long time. I love that it's natural, doesn't cake or settle into lines if applied properly. If you have oily skin, as a natural product there will be a bit of darkening of the shade, but not significant in my experience. The cons if any, are like any loose powder, is it  can be messy to apply compared to a compact powder. However, I like to set my makeup with a loose powder and touch up with a compact as there is a more sheer finish and overall is more economical than using a compact powder. Like most of Nude by Nature's products, this is a winner.
My go to powder. Finishes off your makeup perfectly, does not cake, blends perfectly and is so light weight. Can be a little messy as it is such a light weight powder however the pros out weight the only con which is the only reason this is a 4 star review. I just use a large brush after tapping some powder in to the lid. It is a perfect colour match for me and is still in a container that is ideal t o take with you in your make up bag. the price for the size of the container is also well worth the money. Definitely recommend.
Just like all other products in this range, this finishing powder also comes in a tap in cap kind of container but with this one I would say it works better. The product itself also looks quite pretty - really fine powder that looks like milled pearls.  A little really goes long way with this lightweight, breathable and very translucent veil. It's easy to apply and provides matte yet glowy kind of finish while keeping your foundation in place. You can use it just to set the concealer or for whole face. It doesn't settle in to liner under eyes but can start to look like build up on oily parts of face after few hours. That means, the matte effect also doesn't last that long. Now and then you might need to touch up again and it doesn't look all that translucent or pretty with adding coatings.  While initially I was impressed by how it blurred out all fine lines and pores, I also feel that it aggravated my oily T-zone a bit. Having said that, this is actually a very good finishing powder for being 100% natural and doesn't have flash back issues like a lot of finishing products. If you're skin isn't oily, I assume this would last much longer. 
Nude by Nature Mineral Finishing Veil is a favourite of mine in the summertime because it stops me from looking like a grease ball! The powder absorbs excess oils and keeps my foundation in place for hours. The biggest bonus for me is that it doesn’t emphasise my pores and it blurs out any foundation patchiness.  Pros: Keeps your foundation in place Doesn’t clog up your pores Perfect for sensitive skin Controls unwanted oiliness Contains no nasties Free from synthetic irritants and preservatives 100% natural Cruelty-free and PETA certified Cons: Tap to remove excess before applying  I would recommend Nude by Nature Mineral Finishing Veil ☺
I actually love this product! Then again the whole range of Nude is amazing, yet this one specifically, this lightweight and breathable translucent mineral powder is perfect for a soft yet buildable coverage. I adore how you don't have to do a colour match to match your liquid coverage!
I love this product and it is my must have everyday product. Very light and effective but gives great coverage and you can easily build up the coverage depending on how your skin is feeling. I have an acne prone skin with dry and oily patches but it works great either on top of the foundation or just on its own. Overall its a great product and with even amazing price tag.
I love Nude by Nature!! I hate using liquid foundations because they emphasize my large pores. When I discovered this mineral powder I couldn't wait to try it and it has not disappointed! It gives a beautiful matte finish over my face, including my oily T-zone, and doesn't make my pores stand out. So easy to brush over my face and walk out the door. Great value for money
This product is amazing, especially for the price. It is hard to find a translucent powder that is both affordable and doesn't have flash back. This powder sets my makeup all night with no need for touch ups. I even sometimes use this powder on its own. As my skin type is quite oily in the t section i find it mattifies my face perfectly for a natural day look.
This is a really great powder, and one of my favourite products from Nude By Nature! It can be used to set your whole face or to just set your concealer, and the best thing about it is that it doesn't make your foundation look to heavy with the powder which I find is a big issue with a lot of powders. It's lightweight and feels great on the skin and I highly recommend the product!
This is a great powder. It sets makeup really well and doesn’t look chalky in my dry skin. It’s super translucent and doesn’t settle in to lines under my eyes. The only reason it loses a star is because it sometimes seems to ‘build up’ in the crease of my nose by the end of the day.
100% Love this product! It’s great to finish a look with, very easy to apply and doesn’t go patchy and plus it smells amazing!!! This product is a must if you have oily skin and want to get the affect of a matte, airbrushed look and it’s Australian!
The Mineral Finishing Veil from Nude By Nature is a great loose powder for setting the makeup and helping to mattify the skin. It contains mica and kaolin clay and it is free from talc, which I really love. The powder feels really light on the skin and provides a lovely natural looking finish to my makeup. I use it all over the face, including under the eyes, and it does a pretty good job controlling the shine on my face. I will say that unfortunately on my skin it does not last all day long, and after about 6-7 hours of wear I do need to touch it up around my T-zone, where my skin does tend to be more oily.
This is a great setting powder for makeup. It is matte - so I tend to use a highlighter stick after applying it (swept across the apples of my cheeks, down the bridge of my nose, a bit on the chin and above my top lip). Otherwise it can make your face look a bit "cakey". And we all know that dewy and fresh is the trend in makeup these days! You don't need a lot of this powder so I find it lasts a long time.
I was a long term user of this finishing powder for years until very recently. This is a nice translucent powder as long as an appropriate amount is used. This smooths out the makeup very well and can even help set the makeup when thermal water or a setting spray is gently misted after applying it.  Unfortunately the thing that made me stop using it was the horrendous flashback it has. I hadn't noticed it for years due to not being photographed much at night with flash photography but on the times that I did I noticed a very strong and grey white look appearing in my photos.
I have just recently purchased this powder after researching and reading its great reviews. Well I'm glad I did. What a lovely translucent setting powder . Firstly I always prefer universal no colour finishes and this delivers . Blended into skin nicely and did not interfere with my current foundation shade instead left a lovely no cakey finish to my makeup . I feel this gives a semi matte finish which I prefer instead of flat. I have combination /oily skin and it help my makeup stay nice for most of the day. I usually use the clinque universal shade powder but for the price of nude by nature I will definitely be repurchasing this one. There brushes are also a great product to purchase as well. I bought the large foundation brush and it works well. Another great tip if your pores are enlarged is to dab the powder directly onto the  pores with a makeup sponge
The product is in a twist pot like all of their powders. They have a simple but classy look and feel to them. I often take off my twist part of the lid at home (which makes getting powder easier) and put it back on if I take it out with me. I've found you can bake a small amount over concealer with this and leave it to set before brushing it out. It can look a bit light, but once evened out it looks even and makes my base look airbrushed with my pores filled in and some redness taken away (but can still leave me with some natural red cheeks flush). After using this powder for a week or two I found it matters what base you use underneath as I experienced caking and separation with both powders.  I've set some eyeshadow with it and have put it over lipstick for a matter finish and longer last. I would recommend this product, but people need to work out their own way to apply and coverage, don't be discouraged if it takes you a few combos to work!