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Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS Cuticle & Nail Complex

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Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS Cuticle & Nail Complex is a rich hydrating cream that nourishes and repairs dry, ragged cuticles, hangnails and split fingers. The non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed into the skin and has a natural rose scent. The cream contains natural moisturisers and emollients including urea, coconut triglycerides, organic aloe vera, vegetable glycerine and shea butter to restore dry or damaged cuticles and hands. It also contains vitamins B5 and E, zinc, silicea and keratin to nourish.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants


Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS Cuticle & Nail Complex


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A friend gave me this product as my nails were splitting and she recommended it. This product really works and its great value at under $10.00. By using this everyday it restored strength to my nails, they stopped splitting and were much more healthy. The cream soaks straight in and I massaged it into cuticles which made them much healthier. My nails started to grow better and they felt and looked healthier. The cream itself is a silky consistency and feels so nice, it has a pretty rose scent and the handy tube means its easy to use with no mess. Its not at all greasy and is super hydrating. its packed full of goodies to do nails good and free from irritants so is great for those with sensitive skin. I loved this and would buy it again.
Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS Cuticle & Nail Complex is a lovely product to use every night.  My cuticles get quite long at times, and they get very dry, which means they can be partial to ripping.  I need good products to help with this, and this cuticle complex is just wonderful.  After I have applied my hand cream and that has soaked in, I apply this cream every night, just before bed to each and every cuticle and nail.  I spend about 20 seconds rubbing the cream into each nail and cuticle, making sure it covers all the area and is massaged in well.    After a week of regular use, my cuticles indeed look much healthier.  They are not as dry, and I can push them back when I do my manicure, without worrying they will rip, as they take ages to heal when they do.  I love this rose scented cream, it truly is a nail and cuticle saviour!