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Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS-5 Protective Hand Cream

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Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS-5 Protective Hand Cream is a light, non-greasy hand cream that helps relieve dry, chapped hands. It contains natural moisturisers and emollients including urea, coconut triglyceride, aloe vera, vegetable glycerine and grapeseed oil. The cream also provides a barrier from external skin irritants and is suitable for dry and sensitive hands.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants


Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS-5 Protective Hand Cream


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My hands are very sensitive to cleaning products and soaps, to the point of mild dermatitis, as well as being naturally dry. No matter how careful I am to wear gloves when washing up or cleaning, there are times that I forget, and I need a hand rescue from an intensive hand cream.  With a title like Protective Hand Cream this Plunkett's product looked like it might do the job. It is very light and easily absorbed, which makes it easy to use anywhere -  I have a few handcreams that do an excellent job of conditioning but are so greasy that I reserve them only for use at bedtime. It quickly hydrates my dry uncomfortable hands, which continue to feel the effect for a while after, with a softening, protective layer. It is not perfumed but has a very mild, slight citrus scent which is probably the essential oils in it. I don't usually react to perfumed products but many people do, so this is perfect for sensitive skin. To be honest I had expected a slightly thicker cream, given the title, for greater protection, but this still does the job very well, plus it is Australian made and owned which is such a bonus! I have to say
I love this brands creams! They make products that work and aren't expensive but really work hard to moisturise and keep the skin healthy looking. This is a rich moisturising hand cream which keeps my cuticles and the dry skin on my hands feeling soft and healthy looking.  My hands go very dry during winter and this cream keeps my hands looking soft and feeling touchable. I apply a little bit of this cream and gently massage this cream into my hands. Pros: Low priced  Works well Non scented  Rich and creamy Cons: No scent so some users may want a fragrant cream Recommendation: This is a rich and thick moisturising hand cream which makes my skin feel soft and stops them from drying out.